Organic Rosehips C/S (Seedless)

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Botanical Name: Rosa canina

Common Names: Dog rose, Hep tree, hip tree, wild brier, brier rose, hip fruit

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Organic Rosehips C/S 4 oz Chile 209540-34
Organic Rosehips C/S (Seedless) 1 lb Chile 209540-31

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Organic Rosehips Powder 1 lb Chile 209540-51
Organic Rosehips Powder 4 oz Chile 209540-54
Organic Rosehips Whole 1 lb Chile 209540-01
Organic Rosehips Whole 4 oz Chile 209540-04
Rosehips C/S (Seedless) Wildcrafted 1 lb Chile 202055-31
Rosehips Powder Wildcrafted 1 lb Chile 202055-51
Rosehips Whole Wildcrafted 1 lb Chile 202055-01
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We offer premium quality, bulk rosehips - both wildcrafted and organic - in whole, cut, and powdered form. We also offer rosehip tea, as well as unrefined rosehip oil.
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All horses benefit from this wonderful herb, really keeps up their immune system

by Amy on July 25, 2014

Product: Rosehips

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Many years ago, my Mom insisted I take rose hips for the vitamin C and the additional qualities she associated with rose hips.
I prefer the organic rose hips; steeping them in a tea pot overnight, and using the liquid as part of my nightly tea routine. I eat the softened rose hips, seeds and all, and give them to my husband when he has a mild fever, cough, and runny or stuffed nose. We don't use anything else but organic rose hips.

by smoocher on April 14, 2014

Product: Organic Rosehips Whole

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Questions & Answer for Rosehips

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    • On March 28, 2014 ester asked:
    • Q: Good morning,I would like to know how many polysaccharides and vitamin c - in percentage - are contained in the rosehips powder.
      I would like also to know if this item comes from a standardized batch and is compliant with the american or european pharmacopeia. It would be a good thing to see the analysis certificate.
    • A: These rosehips are not standardized. They are the wildcrafted variety, Rosa canina, which is known to be higher in Vitamin C than some other varieties, and typically contain 1200-2000mg of Vitamin C per 100g. - starwest staff
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    • On April 4, 2014 Karim asked:
    • Q: Please can I know more information regarding the manufacture of this product ? What is the temperature of your process, etc.
    • A: Rosehips are naturally air-dried. - starwest staff
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    • On May 2, 2014 Faku asked:
    • Q: I bought the Rosehips powder in iHerb online shop, but I found that it's no nutritional information on the package. Do you have this product information?

    • A: You can see the nutritional information for this product by viewing the following PDF: - starwest staff
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    • On July 1, 2014 Johanna C asked:
    • Q: The Rosehips Wildcrafted- at any time during processing is there any additives, preservatives or anything in addition to Rosehips added or used on this powder?
    • A: The powder is simply ground rosehips. We do not add anything, during processing or otherwise. - starwest staff
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