• Lemon Bars
    A friend of mine mentioned that he always loved these growing up and I realized that I have never had one. So the next day I set out to discover what they were all about. Meaning that I asked my lovely and talented girlfriend if she could use her extraordinary baking skills to make these now sought after treats.
  • White Chocolate Snickerdoodles
    Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies but I have always thought they were missing one ingredient that could elevate them to true dessert status. After much trial and error I found that the unique flavor of white chocolate really adds something magical to these delicious cookies.
  • Spiced Cornbread
    Corn bread has always been a favorite of mine, from family picnics and gatherings when I was a kid, to BBQ’s and sunday meals as an adult. This is my version of a southern style cornbread developed with Starwest spices for my family and yours.
  • g.choc.18
    German Chocolate Cake
    This recipe was created for me because of my love of German chocolate cake and only that cake. It produces an excellent and moist cake, each layer bursting with flavor from the luscious coconut-pecan filling, and for those of you who think over-kill is under-rated you’ll love the decadence of the warm chocolate sauce.

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