Organic Asafoetida Powder

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Common Names: Hing, devil's dung, food of the gods

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Asafoetida Powder 1 lb India 201029-51
Asafoetida Powder 4 oz India 201029-54
Organic Asafoetida Powder 1 lb India 209716-51
Organic Asafoetida Powder 4 oz India 209716-54
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Asafoetida (Ferula assa-foetida)

Asafoetida, or the Latin Ferula assa-foetida, is a perennial plant with hollow stems and unbrel-shaped yellow flowers. The stems of these natural herbs can reach to six to ten feet tall. But be warned--the uncooked scent is not pleasant. Perhaps this is why asafoetida was given a common name of devil's dung. On the other hand, because it produces an onion/garlic flavor when cooked, other cultures have called it the food of the gods.

The stems and roots of Asafoetida excrete a sap that, when dried, produces a gum that is turned into a powder form of these quality bulk herbs. In addition to cooking, this herb may help to promote digestion.

In Indian and Persian cuisines this herbs is used to flavor pickles and it often finds its way into foods of these nations as a condiment. To cook with Asafoetida, one would heat oil or butter in a pan and then add a small amount of the asafoetida dried herbs to the fat to saute. Dishes featuring vegetables or lentils are the usual ones in which Ferula assa-foetida herbs are used to best effect. For those who cannot eat onion or garlic yet enjoy the taste, Asafoetida herbs can take their flavorful place. Because of its strong scent when uncooked, it is wise to store it in an airtight container so that it does not impart its aroma to other nearby food products.

Ingredients: 40% Asafoetida resin and 60% Fenugreek as a processing aid (conventional powder, 201029-51 and -54).

40% organic Asafoetida resin and 60% organic Fenugreek as a processing aid (organic powder, 209716-51 and -54).

Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy. Not for use in infants.

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Can't cook anything without it!

I've used this blended powder blend for years. It makes everything taste like it has been seasoned with onions & garlic and the best thing is there is no slicing and dicing anything anymore.
One time my husband requested sliced onions on his hamburger and I sprinkled asafoetida powder on both sides of the meat, grilled it and gave him his hamburger. I asked him how he liked it and he said it was great since I put the onion on it. I laughed and told him what I did and he couldn't believe it.
I make the best broth for my soup with it. I sprinkle it into the water along with Braggs 27 herbs & spices, purple dulse flakes, kelp flakes, & some alaria seaweed powder. I use this broth to steam all my vegetables also. I keep this broth prepared in my refrigerator all the time for a quick pick-me-up drink. A few sips keeps me going and refreshed especially when I've used it to cook my greens in - like kale, collard and spinach. This really re-mineralizes the foods we eat.

by JanDan on July 14, 2016

Product: Asafoetida

Asafoetida Powder

great as an ingredient for an incense recipe.

by jen on June 25, 2015

Product: Asafoetida Powder

Best Hing

Love this hing because it is cut with fenugreek rather than turmeric or flour. Good price as well. Excellent product.

by David on May 19, 2015

Product: Asafoetida

Perfect product, exactly what i've been searching for, for awhile

This Asafoetida gets used in a recipe that was created for my popcorn. It is perfect!! We were looking for a pure, gluten free, medicinal Asafoetida that is much better than the compounded products that I could only find online and local. We have used half of our last pound and will be ordering again shortly. We really hope it stays in stock!!

Thanks again!

by Kevin on May 14, 2015

Product: Asafoetida Powder

As a blend with Fenugreek, Asafoetida makes an all purpose spice for cooking vegetables, beans and lentel.

Asafoetida powder, sold by Starwest Botanicals is a wonderful substitute for raw, pure Asafoetida which is hard to find.

by Ramesh on February 20, 2015

Product: Asafoetida

A great kosher find!

I'm just very pleased to find this with a kosher certification.

by Dovid on February 3, 2015

Product: Asafoetida

Asafoetida Good Stuff!

i love this stuff! Smells wonderful to me even before bubblin it in ghee. AND it's GlutenFree for which i'm very Happy. and i loved the lightening service too.

i cook with many herbs and spices and make up my own blends often, this particular herb is new to me and a Delight. perhaps in its raw resin form it is more odoriferous but blended with fenugreek as it is here~mellows it. it is a real hardy and warm flavor~rounds off and compliments garlic n onion chives shallots~ very wholesome. i use it in every batch of Basmati.

i'm vata-kapha dosha and it resonates with me beautifully.

i just got it a week ago and already i can tell i'm gonna need more.
it's now a staple for me~! i love the fact that it is gluten free, and Thankyou to Starwest for making this blend available to us.


by EagleTimmer on December 24, 2014

Product: Asafoetida Powder

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