Organic Bilberry Leaf C/S

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Bilberry Leaf

Botanical Name: Vaccinium myrtillus

Common Names: Blaeberry, whortleberry,whinberry, myrtleBblueberry

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Organic Bilberry Leaf C/S 1 lb Croatia 209151-31
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Organic Bilberry Leaf Powder 4 oz Croatia 209151-54
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Bilberry Leaf

Bilberry Leaf is just one of the many bulk organic herbs, roots, leaves and other quality botanical substances people have used over the centuries to improve bodily functions. Also known by the Latin name Vaccinium myrtillus, the Bilberry plant is a type of wild blueberry that is native to the sub-arctic and temperate zones of Northern Europe and North America; these berries are actually quite tasty and good for you.

The dried Bilberry Leaf has long been used in folk medicine for gastrointestinal disorders. This organic herb, which being the leaf of the plant, is not an "herb" in the technical sense, is used in a number of ways. Dried Vaccinius myrtillus leaves are often steeped in tea and taken as an infusion; like other dried herbs, whole Bilberry Leaf can be ground into a powder and used in essential oils or as a paste for topical application as well. In short, the leaf of the Vaccinium myrtillus plant is used like other natural herbs.

Please note that in rare cases, side effects can include nausea, and a very few people may exhibit an allergic reaction. Pregnant women should avoid taking Bilberry Leaf.
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We LOVE your products; they get used up in a hurry!Helping us to feel better, too!

by d on September 2, 2016

Product: Bilberry Leaf

Great Product

Love it!

by dee on May 3, 2016

Product: Organic Bilberry Leaf C/S

I realy do notice the benefits of the Bilberry

I bought Bilberry for my eyes and have noticed the difference in the the changing of the different shades of light blindness. Living in Arizona and driving the freeways you have to wear sunglasses to endure the different changes of light when you are driving under the underpasses and then back into the direct sun. Bilberry eases the strain somewhat.
I also noticed a change in the color of my right foot that was severely injured in a tornado. It was always a dark color, but it seems to be getting a lighter shade of dark purple. The circulation is evidently improving.

by Viper on November 10, 2014

Product: Bilberry Leaf

Bilberry does work on reducing varicose veins and hemorioids

Not only did the Bilberry leaf I use in my tea infusions help reduce the redness in a really dark varicose vein I have, it taste great and sweetens the tea.

by Herbs for Living Life on September 1, 2014

Product: Bilberry Leaf

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