Herbal Capsules

Try some of nature's powerful herbs, captured in capsules.

Featuring 60 of the most commonly used herbs, you can benefit from any one of our many herb capsules that are made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients, encapsulated in vegetarian capsules and Certified Kosher. Taken by themselves or with other supplements, herb capsules are convenient and easy to take at home and on the go.

You can also try one of our 8 standardized herbal extract capsules, which, in a concentrated form, contain the same broad range of naturally occurring constituents as found in the fresh, unprocessed herb.

With all of our capsules, each herb is hand picked and run through a battery of tests before, and after, milling at our facility. The powdered herbs are then inspected, encapsulated, and then tested again - all steps to ensure you get a superior quality botanical herbal product each and every time.