Loose Black Tea

Black Tea (Camellia sinensis) is one of the most recognized teas in Western tradition. Black Teas are fully oxidized (fermented), then heated and dried, producing a dark red-brown brew with a deep, robust, full-bodied taste. It is an elegant and timeless beverage, simply delightful for savoring any time of the day. It does contain less caffeine than coffee, but usually more caffeine than Green and White Teas. Read More
Oolong Tea undergoes partial fermentation, producing a brew with milder characteristics of both black and green teas.The leaves are oxidized at different levels, which result in a broad range of flavors and aromas. After harvesting, the leaves are bruised and begin to change colors. The end result is a medley of black and green teas with a full-bodied, smooth taste. Oolong typically contains less caffeine than Black Teas, but usually more than Green Teas.