Organic Bitter Melon Powder

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Bitter Melon

Botanical Name: Momordica charantia

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Bitter Melon

As its name describes, Bitter Melon is un-ripened, bitter fruit.
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I am reviewing the regular (not organic) because this is what I've been using; now that organic is available, I will order it. Star West has the best prices and quality. I've had bags of their bitter melon for several years, and it is still as effective as when first opened. You can make up your own capsules if you want and save big bucks over buying them ready-made in bottles.

I call bitter melon my "Chinese Insulin." I have glucometer readings that show drops of 100 per hour. I hate to admit I've had readings of over 400--but within 3 to 4 hours, they have dropped to the low 100's. I take 1 to 3 tsps. sublingually (yes, it is bitter, but this is a minor issue for me).

I have type I diabetes, and my pancreas produces very little insulin. It amazes me how much more quickly and effectively than with insulin alone the bitter melon works. Of course, I do take my insulin regularly.

My younger brother no longer needs Metformin. His use of bitter melon over the last several months leaves him with a typical reading of 126.

A WORD OF WARNING: because it works so well (for me and others), I am sure to monitor my blood sugar very often. I don't want to go hypoglycemic (or anyone else). I've let my endocrinologists and other medical providers know what I'm doing. They are noncommittal with an "OK if it works" attitude. So, if anyone decides to use bitter melon, they should be super careful, and let their medical providers know. I try to spread the word to the medical folks, but they don't want to pursue the subject further. But I think it is still good to put the word out there.

Let's hope more people find out, and thank Star West for their role in providing this wonderful natural substance at such a reasonable price. Bitter melon has been used successfully for centuries (or more) in China and India.

by draco on April 20, 2017

Product: Bitter Melon Powder

Great products, Great prices

Awesome selections, Quick delivery. love the organics. Great place to due business with. Thank you.

by Martin on August 1, 2016

Product: Organic Bitter Melon Powder

It's only been a week

I'm type 2 diabetic, it's only been a week that I have been drinking this bitter melon powder, so I have had so-so results so far. I drink 1 tsp/8 oz warm water, 3X a day. I have notice that my BS does go down but only 20 to 40 mg/dL. I'll continue to drink till I finish all the powder & will decide if I will continue with it.

by vbigornia on October 19, 2015

Product: Bitter Melon Powder

Good product

Good product, no problems

by gharr8 on October 13, 2015

Product: Bitter Melon Powder


Appreciate organic option for this product. Works well.

by SG on May 4, 2015

Product: Bitter Melon

Good product

Product arrives quickly in a sealed, light-proof bag. Powder has freshness and quality.

by K on October 17, 2014

Product: Organic Bitter Melon Powder

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