Organic California Poppy Herb C/S

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California Poppy Herb

Botanical Name: Eschscholzia californica

Common Names: Golden poppy

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California Poppy Herb (Eschscholzia californica)

Latin Name: Eschscholzia californica
Common Names: California Poppy Herb

California Poppy Herb, or Eschscholzia californica, consists of the parts of the plant that grow above the ground, i.e., the leaves, stems and petals. These bulk herbs (which are really leaves and petals) are then dried and can be used as an infusion (as in tea) or an herbal tincture.

A perennial native to the interior valleys of southern Oregon and California and ranging into the deserts of Nevada and Arizona, bulk California Poppy Herb has been used for several thousands of years by the Yokut and Pima Indians for its mildly sedative properties.

While Eschscholzia californica is a close relative of the opium poppy of south central Asia and the Middle East, the alkaloid compounds are far weaker; therefore, it would take an exceptionally large dose to produce any effect beyond mild relaxation. Wholesale California Poppy Herb is most often used in combination with other herbs and plant extracts, usually herbs such as hawthorne, lavender, valerian root and St. John's Wort.

Eschscholzia californica is commonly combined with magnesium salts and organic bulk herbs such as hawthorne. Eschscholzia californica is among those natural herbs that should be avoided by pregnant and nursing women. Even organic herbs should not be given to young children except under the advice and guidance of a qualified herbalist or naturopathic doctor.

Warning: Not to be used during pregnancy.

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Fantastic product at a reasonable price. Quick deliver. Perfect.

by chuck on March 2, 2016

Product: Organic California Poppy Herb C/S

A great quality product!

The organic California Poppy herb is a great natural product, and works well to help my active mind relax and get a Great nights' sleep. I would highly recommend it to everyone and it's worth the money too!

by SLN on April 10, 2015

Product: Organic California Poppy Herb C/S

4.5 stars

Top quality, but just not 100% dry.

by coyote on February 13, 2015

Product: California Poppy Herb

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