Organic Chaste Tree Berries Whole

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Chaste Tree Berries

Botanical Name: Vitex agnus castus

Common Names: Chaste tree fruit, monk's pepper

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Chaste Tree Berries (Vitex agnus castus)

Latin Name: Vitex agnus castus
Common Names: Chaste Tree Berries

Chaste Tree Berries grow on large shrubs that are native to Croatia, but Chaste Tree Berries are also grown in American gardens, where they tend to thrive. Starwest Botanicals is pleased to offer organic Chaste Tree Berries as part of our large selection of bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils.

The Chaste Tree Berry's scientific name is Vitex agnus castus, and it is also known as Chaste Tree Fruit or monk pepper. Chaste Tree Berries Powder should not to be taken during pregnancy.

One of the most popular forms of Chaste Tree Berries we offer is a powder. The organic Chaste Tree Berries Powder is pre-ground into a pulp, which can be used to make a tincture. A tincture is a liquid extract, combining the Chaste Tree Berries Powder and liquid ethanol. When the tincture is consumed, effects of the organic herbs begin to take hold.

We also offer whole organic Chaste Tree Berries, which you can grind yourself to make the tincture. Both the powder and whole Chaste Tree Berries we offer are of the highest quality because we source all of our natural herbs and organic herbs from the best growers in the world. All of our organic herbs and spices are also extensively quality tested in our in-house laboratory and personally milled and packaged by our staff in our own processing facility. We are so confident in the quality of all our products that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils order.

In addition to Chaste Tree Berries, we also carry over 3,000 high quality natural products and wholesale organic herbs you can use to sustain a healthy, natural lifestyle. If you have any questions about any of the quality organic herbs we offer, please call us at 1-800-800-4372.

Warning: Chaste Tree is not recommended for use with hormonal contraceptives.

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Reminds me of Chocolate

This herb reminds me of chocolate because of the smell, and taste. Like chocolate, this herb is very relaxing, and contributes to an overall feeling of happiness.

by Vince on April 19, 2017

Product: Organic Chaste Tree Berries Powder

Works for laminitis too

My 22 year old Paso Fino horse developed a full blown case of laminitis about 6-7 years ago. I did not want to put him on Pergolide and chose to use Chaste Tree Berry Powder instead, 3 weeks on and 1 week off. His hoofs have been in perfect shape since.

by Blanche on October 12, 2016

Product: Organic Chaste Tree Berries Powder

Chaste Tree Berry Powder

I have a 30 year old pony with Cushings disease. Along with Prasend the vet suggested EquiThrive FLEX to top the pony's feed. It was expensive and I was unable to see a lot of improvement. The pony would sometime lay in his stall and was hard to get on his feet in the morning and would drag his stiff legs behind him barely and slowly getting out of the barn. My vet gave me a 1 pound bag of Chaste Tree Berry Powder to try and withing a month this pony was moving much better and now is spunky feeling and even runs with the mares. I discontinued using the EquiThrive Flex. For an old horse with Cushings he moves very well compared to before. My vet was very pleased with the results and has recommended this product to two other horse owners and they apparently are as excited about their horses improvement as I am. AMAZING what organic products can do!

by Richard on December 4, 2015

Product: Organic Chaste Tree Berries Powder

Good Value

Use vitex for my insulin resistant horse by veterinary recommendation. Seems to help, but other supplements are used too along with exercise & diet. What I noticed immediately was her heat cycles which had been very irregular evened out. For that reason alone I'll continue with vitex supplement. The bulk price offering is something I really appreciate. As you can imagine dosage for a horse is considerably higher than a human. I buy 5# at a time for the discount and use a little over 6# in a year. Only criticism I have is the cost of shipping is rather high, especially compared to other online companies. Adds over $1 per pound to the price. Otherwise am happy and will continue to order my vitex through Star West.

by TinaA on December 3, 2015

Product: Organic Chaste Tree Berries Powder

Excellent product

I've been using this product for the past four years for a nearly 40 year old quarterhorse who was diagnosed with Cushings Disease. I did not want to put him on the pricy medication that is generally prescribed. His case was mild at first but the prediction was that by this time, four years later, he would be in pretty bad shape. However, chaste tree berries were recommended by someone on line and I began using them. While his coat is longish, curly, and does not shed well, he is doing very well. I attribute his good health to your product.

by SMB on September 25, 2015

Product: Chaste Tree Berries


love it .

by kat on March 3, 2015

Product: Organic Chaste Tree Berries Powder

Excellent product.

My 39 year old quarterhorse started showing signs of Cushings about 5 years ago. I searched the internet for a product to help him because he wasn't bad enough for medicine but was obviously in trouble. I found Chaste Tree berries and started him on 1 tsp a day of the whole berries. Since that time I have increased the dose to 3 tsps a day and he is still doing well. He sheds out late, looks great for a month, and then starts growing his hair back but he has only had long "Cushings" hair once and that was just before I started the Chasteberries. I LOVE this product!

by Susan on February 13, 2015

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

Give to Insulant resistant horse

For my 23 yr old horse who is Insulant resistant I grind one tsp every morning and night for his dose of chaste tree berries.
So far so good. Still a handful of life and mischiveous.

by Reins on February 5, 2015

Product: Organic Chaste Tree Berries Whole

say No to Cushing's

have used these berries for several years for a mule and a horse to minimize Cushing symptoms. our other botanicals co. went out of business but we are better pleased with your services, plus the product is the same high quality we were used to.

by sparky on February 2, 2015

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

Great Product

I have a 27yr old horse with Cushings. Decided not to go the Pergolide route, instead put him on one Tablespoon of this product twice a day, 3wks on 1wk off. Almost 2 yrs later, he is still doing well, has gained weight, none of the symptoms, except do have to clip him a couple of times in summer. He has good attitude, good energy for an old guy, has done very well.

by Ruth on December 29, 2014

Product: Organic Chaste Tree Berries Powder

good product

I buy this product for a horse with Cushings Disease. It is known to help. It does not cure the disease but does help with the hair growth.
Horse is 24 years old and doing well.

by Judy on December 1, 2014

Product: Organic Chaste Tree Berries Powder

Product as expected

I am make a tincture with the berries. Using this for hot flashes. Product came packaged so it would not to be crushed. Would buy again.

by CB on November 1, 2014

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

Chaste Tree Berries

I've had great success with chase tree berries for mares with hormonal issues. It really balances them well

by Amy on July 25, 2014

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

male and female use

Chaste berry is just what it says. Used by medieval monks of both Christian and Oriental persuasion to help keep them chaste--works to help curb libido in men-especially those with overactive sex drive or even abusive tendencies; Used as part of se-offender management in some countries and far more effective than prescription drigs. be careful not to over do-1- tsp to make tea 4-5 evenings a week.. Also helps with sleep. Females: brings calming for PMS symptoms.

by Judy Mata, RN, BSN, MPH on July 24, 2014

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

Great results with hormone and hypothroid issues with my Welsh ponies

I started using Chaste tree berries for with my Welsh ponies showing signs of hypothyroidism and temperament issues, both with mares, geldings and stallions. I highly recommend using chaste before trying other more expensive remedies. I've used the powder and berries, some like the berries better. I use it for 30 days than go every other but would recommend speaking with an herbalist for more specific doses.

by Terie on July 24, 2014

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

Works as expected

I have used the product for a year to quell my stallions behavior during breeding season. I show them competitively and it helps to calm them and allow them to stay focused. They don''t pace as before and they are much quieter. 2 scoops per day along with Raspberry leaves. well behaved in the show ring without taking away their pizzazz.

by Danny on July 22, 2014

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

great for horse

great for horse with cushning grind in to powder give some every day 3 weeks on one week off works great good stuff and cheap

by wwranchdog on July 21, 2014

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

Quality Product

We use this powder on our older horse who has the beginnings of Cushing's Disease. We tried another brand first and he would not go near it. Mixed with a dollop of applesauce, he will eat The Starwest Botanicals brand. It makes a big difference with our horse and we are happy that we can treat him with this instead of traditional western medicine. Thanks.

by RanchGirl on April 7, 2014

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

Amazing product that exceeds expectations!

I went to an herbalist that suggested I use the chaste tree berries to make a tea & drink it nightly. In just a few weeks of following his instructions I saw results and I can't wait to try the powder and make a tincture.

by Renee on March 18, 2014

Product: Chaste Tree Berries

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