Organic Cornsilk C/S

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Botanical Name: Zea mays

Common Names: Indian corn, maize jagnog, Turkish corn

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Cornsilk, with the Latin name of Zea mays, is actually the female flower on a cob of corn. The tassel pollinates each piece of silk, resulting in a single kernel of corn being produced on the cob. While the corn kernels are used as food, ground into cornmeal and used as food for livestock, the dried Cornsilk has many other common uses.
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I ordered this for my husbands enlarging prostate, and urinary problems. It continues to amaze both of us just how well the plants and herbs around us, work so well to cure us! A week or so into in...and problem solved! My husband loves the flavor, and drinks 2 cups a day...and is continuing to do so, to keep things healthy! Thank you for another fantastic product!

by grammachoochoo on April 4, 2016

Product: Organic Cornsilk C/S


For anyone who hasn't tried this I recommend it. The silk is chopped into very small pieces. If you boil it to make a tea it has the flavor of a graham cracker as an after taste. I know people might wonder or worry about the flavor if they haven't tried it. I use it to kill my cravings for sweets. If you bring it to a boil( 60 grams in water) and drink 2-3 times a day for a few days it will kill your cravings for sweets. I learned this from a Chinese Daoist Master.

by Jie on December 15, 2015

Product: Organic Cornsilk C/S

Good Product, Good Service

My wife has a condition that causes her to feel like she has to urinate all day long, She was really miserable so I started her on corn silk tea and she is 95% better. That is a testament to the strength of the corn silk! Thanks Starwest Botanicals for getting great product!

by FH on January 2, 2015

Product: Organic Cornsilk C/S

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