Organic Dill Weed C/S

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Dill Weed

Botanical Name: Anethum graveolens

Common Names: Dilly, garden dill

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Organic Dill Weed C/S 1 lb Egypt 209830-31
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Dill Weed adds Wonderful Flavor to Foods

Dill Weed, from the Anethum graveolens perennial herb, is available from Starwest Botanicals, your certified bulk herbs processor with a commitment to offering the finest quality dried herbs and spices to our discerning customers. Dill Weed comes to us directly from our supplier in the United States, and is then processed in house in order to ensure quality.

Dill Weed has many different qualities that have made it useful in traditional medicine practices. It is thought that the herb may offer carminative, or gas reducing, properties, as well as anti-spasmodic and appetite-increasing qualities.

Dried Dill Weed can also be used to improve the flavor in a great variety of foods. Salad dressings made with a cream base or mustard sometimes utilize Dill for flavoring. The Swedish recipe gravlax, made from salmon and seasonings, relies on Dill for its traditional taste.

Vegetables are wonderful when Dill is added. Although Dill is probably best known for its use in pickle seasoning, it also offers a piquant alternative for other vegetables. Corn on the cob, which is delicious when prepared on the barbecue, can be brushed with melted butter to which Dill has been added. Salads, and especially three-bean and potato salads, taste wonderful with Dill. Gazpacho, a cold soup made from fresh vegetables, sings with flavor when Dill is added.

Seafood also benefits from Dill. Dill is tasty when included in your favorite cocktail sauce. Nearly any type of fish fillet can be prepared with Dill. Squid, also known as calamari, tastes exquisite with a touch of Dill added. Little turnovers can be filled with chopped fish or shrimp and Dill fillings, then baked. Classic crab cakes, which can also be made with salmon or lobster, need Dill to bring all the flavors in the dish together deliciously.

Appetizers can also be made with Dill. A number of dips made from yogurt, sour cream or mayonnaise also include Dill as an ingredient. Elegant caviar served on toast points can be lightly sprinkled with Dill.

Vegetable recipes often use Dill as an ingredient. Salads that utilize cucumber benefit from the addition of Dill. The wonderful bean dip, hummus, can be changed with a sprinkle of Dill.

Buy Dill Weed from Starwest, and you will always have a one-hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

In addition to bulk Dill Weed, Starwest offers convenient portions of Dill Weed in jars and pouches.

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I have 5 stars rating! No other words necessary!

by Mike on December 26, 2014

Product: Organic Dill Weed C/S

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