Organic Fumitory Herb C/S

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Fumitory Herb

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Botanical Name: Fumaria officinalis

Common Names: Earthsmoke

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Fumitory Herb (Fumaria officinalis)

Latin Name: Fumaria officinalis
Common Names: Fumitory Herb

If the name "fumitory herb" sounds like it refers to "fumes" or smoke, you're right. To the ancient Greeks who gave it the name which means "smoke," the leaves of Fumaria officinalis appeared as mist or smoke rising up out of the ground.

Dried Fumitory Herb was among those medicinal herbs that were part of the Roman physician's apothecary. During the 1st Century of the Common Era, Pliny the Younger wrote that an ointment made from fumitory herb extract could improve eyesight; his Greek contemporary Dioscorides noted that a decoction of Fumaria officinalis when drunk acted as an effective diuretic.

Natural herbs such as Fumaria officinalis were sold in the pharmacies of Elizabethan England (known as apothecary shops in those days); syrup made from c/s Fumitory Herb Extract was said to stimulate liver function and treat some skin conditions. Recent research suggests that it may help in the treatment of hypertension and some heart conditions as well, though these results have yet to be confirmed.

You can purchase bulk Fumitory Herb from Starwest Botanicals, where you'll find the highest quality bulk herbs for sale of all varieties. Keep in mind that even organic herbs contain biochemical substances that are also found in commercial prescription drugs however. Although these are in much lower concentrations, these dried herbs may have interactions if not used carefully. Those planning to use herbs for medicinal or therapeutic purposes should do so under the guidance of a trained herbalist.

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