Organic Mullein Leaf C/S

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Mullein Leaf and Flowers

Botanical Name: Verbascum thapsus

Common Names: Great Mullein, Velvet Plant, White Mullein, Bullock's Lungwort, Shepherd's Club, Hare's Beard, Cow's Lungwort

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Mullein Leaf C/S Wildcrafted 1 lb Bulgaria 201845-31

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Mullein Leaf Powder Wildcrafted 1 lb Bulgaria 201845-51
Mullein Leaf Powder Wildcrafted 4 oz Bulgaria 201845-54
Organic Mullein Leaf C/S 1 lb Croatia 209455-31
Organic Mullein Leaf C/S 4 oz Croatia 209455-34
Organic Mullein Leaf Powder 1 lb Croatia 209455-51
Organic Mullein Leaf Powder 4 oz Croatia 209455-54
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Mullein Leaf and Flowers

Mullein Leaf, or scientifically referred to as Verbascum Thapsus, is a wildflower native to much of Europe and Asia which can grow almost anywhere. Because of its thick, soft leaves, it is also called Grandmother's Flannel and Our Lady's Flannel. The word Mullein is said to be derived from the Middle English word for "soft" which is moleyne.

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fabulous product

been suffering a lot with "lung issues" this tea helps with congestion relief and even has a very pleasant taste

by mich on March 15, 2017

Product: Organic Mullein Leaf C/S

I give this particular product a rating of excellence.

I give this particular product a rating of excellent. I've used this product daily for the past 5 years. It’s aided me with causing the remission of sarcoidosis within my lungs and neurological system. I believe it has contributed favorably to my overall improved health and youthfulness. I would recommend this herb to anyone dealing with internal inflammatory or bronchial issues, including asthma. I know of no side effects.

by kojo on August 19, 2016

Product: Mullein Leaf and Flowers

very good results....

very good!

by c t t on April 19, 2016

Product: Mullein Leaf and Flowers

Great product

This is exactly what I ordered. Thanks so much!

by Greenie on April 12, 2016

Product: Mullein Leaf C/S Wildcrafted

It helps

I have COPD and it does seem to help relieve my breathing difficulty.
I've just used it to make tea.

by Roger on November 30, 2015

Product: Mullein Leaf C/S Wildcrafted


I use the leaves directly into my horses food when they develop a cough.So far this remedy has not let me down. I use about 1/2 a cup at each feeding until the cough is gone.

by Kota on November 20, 2015

Product: Mullein Leaf and Flowers

Why I Use/Take Mullein Leaf Herb

Why I Use/Take Mullein Leaf
I am a long time user of supplements, and I believe Starwest Botanicals’ Mullein Leaf Powder Wildcrafted is one of nature’s best herb used to treat and heal a multiplicity of dis-ease. My research indicates that Mullein Leaf has been used over many centuries, primarily by royalty and the more affluent segment of society.
I started using Mullein in 2006 to treat sarcoidosis, which was discovered in my lungs. I experienced (heart attack like) chest pains, which was exacerbated when breathing deeply. After taking prednisone for just under two years for the sarcoidosis and it’s symptoms of chest pains, I tried mullein leaf tea form, and within one month, my sarcoidosis went into remission. I continue to drink the tea still today. Lately I began experiencing headaches and vertigo. I now order the mullein leaf in a powder form and make “0” size gel capsules. My vertigo has gotten better and now I’m back to work with minimal headaches. I can’t prove mullein is the sole key to my health improvements, because I do consume other supplement; however, I believe mullein to be a wonderful God send for treating my unusual ailments. Lastly, I do try to avoid prescription petro-chemical as much as possible. I believe God has created in the natural, what man emulates in the unnatural by way of prescription drugs.


by Kojo on September 30, 2015

Product: Mullein Leaf Powder Wildcrafted


I made this into tea for my pneumonia and it was fairly helpful. The tea degrades and doesnt work as well if it isn't brewed fresh though. I saturated the leaves in oil and fueled an oil lamp with it when I was relapsing into illness and it helped much more, but my phlegm was smoke gray the day after. All in all, it's much more effective when burned and inhaled, but it is an excellent mucus thinner as tea.

by Alex on March 23, 2015

Product: Mullein Leaf and Flowers


I used this to quit smoking.. and it worked WONDERS!

by X-Smoker on March 6, 2014

Product: Mullein Leaf and Flowers

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