Organic Olive Leaf Cut

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Olive Leaf

Botanical Name: Olea europaea

Common Names: Lucca

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Olive Leaf (Olea europaea)

Latin Name: Olea europaea
Common Names: Olive Leaf

There are some medicinal herbs which have been present in the treatment of health problems for so long, that they are often overlooked. Olea europaea, or Olive Leaf, is one of these herbs. The Olive Leaf was once considered one of the best natural herbs to be taken during ancient times. Today its benefits are being rediscovered.

The Olive Leaf comes from a small, evergreen tree, which grows to about twenty feet or more in height. Native to Asia Minor and Syria, the Olive Leaf is cultivated in several Mediterranean countries, Chile, Peru and South Australia.

The benefits of Olive Leaf Cut and Sifted are recently emerging as a most promising and unique medicinal herb with multiple applications. Numerous scientific studies are currently being conducted to investigate the beneficial properties of the Olive Leaf herb.

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Great product. Worth every dollar. Money well spent.

by Demand on April 23, 2016

Product: Organic Olive Leaf Cut

Improved health

I take a strong half cup of tea each morning (about a tablespoon) gulp it down and grab my coffee to kill the taste. Nasty stuff, but I have found that my gum disease has reversed. I have clear skin. I'm certain that it is an overall boost to my immune system. Last year I got bronchitis so bad I had to take antibiotics. This year my cold was annoying for a week and went away all on it's own. Only wish I'd learned about Olive Leaf 20 years ago.

by OperaGeo on October 28, 2015

Product: Olive Leaf

great product


by geezer on July 1, 2015

Product: Organic Olive Leaf Cut

Olive Leaf tea

Very good product. I've noticed more energy and It improved My blood pressure and liver. I will continue to purchase this item.
Thank you.

by Judy on April 1, 2015

Product: Organic Olive Leaf Cut


Momma approves this product. Starwest, please continue to provide excellent standards and quality.

by Momma on March 18, 2015

Product: Olive Leaf

Good company

The product seems fresh. I thought the price was good. I believe in this product.

by Stan on November 14, 2014

Product: Organic Olive Leaf Powder

Better than capsules

I don't know if it is actually better than the capsules, but I have been taking about 6 or 7 Olive Leaf capsules from my local health food store a day and while they do help my sinitis, they aren't curing it. In fact they seem to be getting less effective than when I first started taking them a month ago. Now since my sinitis is horrible these days and doesn't let me get a good night's rest and sometimes no rest at all I tried taking a small amount of this Olive Leaf Powder that I bought to treat my Rosebshes with(pretty effective for that by the way). When I first tried it even though I just took a small amount in addition to the capsules I got pretty sever Herxheimers so I went back to just the pills. Now over a month later my sinitis has slowly gotten worse and it became unbearable. I tried adding it to my food starting a couple of days ago and at first no Herxheimer's and it really helped. Then I got ambitious and have started putting a lot of it in my food. This moring I got mild nausea and stomach cramps, so I stopped adding it to my food and just continued on with my capsules. The stomach problem cleared up in about 4 or 5 hours sfter I stopped putting it in the food, but alas by around 1 this moring my sinitis bot really terrible again so today I went back on the Olive Leaf treated food. Another stomach problem, milder this time, but like magic my sinuses are fine now. Much more effective than the capsules. Well, bedtime for me. Hope this makes sense. I'm half asleep right now.

by Kathy on November 3, 2014

Product: Organic Olive Leaf Powder

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