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  • Alfalfa Juice Standardized Extract

    Alfalfa Juice Standardized Extract

    SKU: 220100-51
    Size: 1 lb
  • Cranberry Juice Standardized Extract

    Cranberry Juice Standardized Extract

    SKU: 220327-51
    Size: 1 lb
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  • Ginseng Standardized Extract

    Ginseng Standardized Extract

    SKU: 220466-51
    Size: 1 lb
  • Grape Seed Standardized Extract

    Grape Seed Standardized Extract

    SKU: 220494-51
    Size: 1 lb
  • Green Tea Standardized Extract

    Green Tea Standardized Extract

    SKU: 220500-51
    Size: 1 lb
  • Milk Thistle Herb Standardized Extract

    Milk Thistle Standardized Extract

    SKU: 220627-51
    Size: 1 lb
  • Saw Palmetto Berry Standardized Extract

    Saw Palmetto Berry Standardized Extract

    SKU: 220791-51
    Size: 1 lb
  • White Stevia Standardized Extract

    White Stevia Standardized Extract

    SKU: 220850-51
    Size: 1 lb

8 Item(s)

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Starwest offers the most popular varieties of herbs in their standardized extract forms, guaranteeing you an exclusive, high-quality product!

Starwest's standardized extracts guarantee a defined amount of active ingredients, ensuring the quality and uniformity of the final product. These products are superb for making a dietary supplement in an encapsulated form, and are an effective ingredient for producing functional beverages and food products. They can also be utilized in cosmetic products to enhance the functionality benefits.

Wondering what a standardized extract is and how it differs from a whole herb?
A standardized extract is created by "pulling out" (extracting) specific compounds from a plant. For example, standardized Saw Palmetto Berry Extract is extracted from the fresh berries of the saw palmetto tree. Because of their active ingredients, "standardized herbs" can be monitored for consistency and provide predictable results, whereas the potency of natural "herb powders", or whole herbs, can vary.
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