Organic Rooibos Tea C/S

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Rooibos Tea

Botanical Name: Aspalathus linearis

Common Names: Red Bush

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Organic Rooibos Tea C/S 1 lb South Africa 209537-31
Organic Rooibos Tea C/S 4 oz South Africa 209537-34
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Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea is sometimes known as the red tea or redbush tea. The leaves undergo an oxidation process, and this process produces the distinctive reddish-brown color of rooibos, and enhances the flavor. It has a natural sweetness, with an earthy and rich flavor.

Rooibos Tea is commonly prepared in the same manner as black tea, and milk and sugar (or stevia) can be added to taste. Other methods include a slice of lemon and using honey instead of sugar to sweeten. It tastes great both hot and as an iced tea. Caffeine-Free.

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Good product.....good price!

by EVO-OVE on January 19, 2016

Product: Organic Rooibos Tea C/S

Flavorful tea w/great health benefits

Good value on the 1 lb.

by jn on August 6, 2015

Product: Organic Rooibos Tea C/S

the best tea

this tea tastes really good, hot or cold. I always buy my tea from starwest. Delivery is fast also.

by milli on June 11, 2015

Product: Organic Rooibos Tea C/S

Great product

I can't drink black, white, green, or decaf tea because of stomach problems. Rooibos is the one that gives me no problems. Buying it in bulk is so much more economical than buying teabags. Better taste too.

by Malta on June 9, 2015

Product: Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Tea Review

This makes the most relaxing tea!!! I'm glad I bought a pound of this from Starwest!! Licket Split Delivery also!! All the best Angus Scottie.

by Angus Scottie on March 20, 2015

Product: Organic Rooibos Tea C/S

a fine product; over the years we bought and consumed 6 lb from starwest

Recently we bought another 2 lb from starwest, as we have done in several preceding years. Every time the tea arrived in excellent condition and in a timely fashion. We will continue doing just that. A fine product!

by l.f. on March 2, 2015

Product: Organic Rooibos Tea C/S

Best Tea I've ever had

This type of tea was recommended to us due to its antioxidant properties and my husband had liked it when he tried it at a friend's house. This was our first time ordering from this company too. Had a good experience ordering and receiving the product. I steep some cassia chucks with cloves. When the water comes to a boil then I turn off the heat I wait two minutes and put in the tea and let it steep for a little bit. People that usually like milk and or sweetener are able to drink this tea as is and it is great. I have never been a tea drinker but now I am not drinking coffee any longer and drinking this tea. I like that it is organic. I will be buying this tea again from this company.

by Not Usually a Tea Drinker on December 26, 2014

Product: Rooibos Tea

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Questions & Answers for Rooibos Tea

I have a question.
I heard that a heavy metal and mercury are contained in the soil of South Africa.
Is the inspection of those content conducted?
Question by: mimi on March 21, 2014
We test for heavy metals in our lab.
Answer by: Starwest Staff on March 21, 2014
How much tea should be used to make one cup? I have a device that makes 1 cup of tea..drips right into the cup!
Thanks, Judy B
Question by: Judy on April 19, 2014
Like with any tea, you should adjust to your own taste, but a good starting point is probably around one tablespoon per cup.
Answer by: Starwest Staff on April 19, 2014

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