Sea Salt - Cyprus Flake

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Sea Salt

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Product Name   Size Origin SKU Price Qty
Cyprus Sea Salt Flakes 1 lb Cyprus 210357-01
Kosher Sea Salt Flakes 1 lb South Korea 210358-01
Pacific Sea Salt - Coarse Grind 1 lb Australia 210161-01
Pacific Sea Salt - Fine Grind 1 lb Australia 210160-01
Sea Salt - Coarse Grind 1 lb Brazil 210156-01
Sea Salt - Table Grind 1 lb United States 210157-01
Sel Gris Sea Salt - Coarse Grind 1 lb France 210153-01
Sel Gris Sea Salt - Coarse Grind 4 oz France 210153-04
Sel Gris Sea Salt - Fine Grind 1 lb France 210152-01
Sel Gris Sea Salt - Fine Grind 4 oz France 210152-04
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Cyprus Sea Salt Flakes

The Cyprus Flake-Mediterranean Sea Salt is a uniquely large, white pyramid-shaped crystal formed from naturally evaporated sea salt. These stunning, light, and flaky crystals are harvested in the Mediterranean Sea surrounding the island of Cyprus. Cyprus Flake Sea Salt is created through the process of solar evaporation of sea water, where the water is channeled into shallow ponds and lagoons called “salins”, and then into large pans where the water is gradually heated, forming the dazzling pyramid shapes. The flakes provide a strong crunch and dissolves quickly, have a delicate texture and mild flavor, and is a versatile salt that can be used for a variety of applications, including baking, brining, seasoning meat, seafood, vegetables, pasta, and sauces. It is most popularly used for garnishing dishes and in gourmet food products. These crystals create a dramatic culinary presentation, making them a new favorite among chefs.

Kosher Sea Salt Flakes

The Kosher Flake Sea Salt is a distinctly small, flake-style crystal. These naturally white flake-style crystals are shaped like small, hallow pyramids, as in the tradition of the Kosher flake style. It is produced using a proprietary process to create a uniquely all-natural Kosher style and Kosher certified sea salt. Harvested from the Pacific Ocean, it is unrefined and untouched by chemicals, has no anti-caking agents added, and no additives or drying agents. This natural sea salt is an upgrade from refined Kosher flake salts and it delivers all the beneficial nutrients of sea salt while retaining the beautiful Kosher-style flake texture. This salt can melt quickly and blends well with other dry ingredients. By volume, this salt is also lighter than traditional sea salts. Perfect for baking, cooking, salads, seasoning meats, seafood, sauces, soups, drink rimmer, finishing, or as a table salt.

Pacific Sea Salt

Pacific Natural Sea Salt is harvested from the clear waters of the great southern ocean, between New Zealand’s North and South Islands and into the solar salt field. These waters are evaporated using the natural process of sun and wind, and at the end of each summer the salt is harvested so it maintains the balance of minerals present. The levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals are higher than other sea salts and ordinary table salt. The natural minerals in sea salt add a pure, clean, healthy flavor to your food.

Sea Salt (210156-01, 210157-01)

This all-natural solar sea salt is harvested from the waters of the Brazilian coast, in the Atlantic ocean. It is free from any additives or anti-caking agents, making it a high quality, flavorful sea salt. This salt is produced especially for use in salt mills and grinders, and the crystals grind easily and absorb less moisture than mechanically dried salts, making it a delicious substitute for ordinary table salt. The natural minerals in pure sea salt add subtle nuances of flavor and give food a bright, pure, clean flavor.

Sel Gris Sea Salt

Sel Gris is an unrefined grey sea salt, harvested using traditional Celtic methods. It is known for its beautiful grey color, extraordinary mineral content, and lower sodium content. Full flavored, but not too salty, it is one of the tastiest and healthiest of all sea salts. The fine grind can be sprinkled directly onto your food, making this the perfect table salt. The coarse grind is great for cooking and baking, adding a little crunch to your favorite recipes!

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great product

I use this salt for everything including canning. I love the taste.

by irishsenger on September 11, 2015

Product: Sel Gris Sea Salt - Coarse Grind

great product

I use this salt for everything including canning. I love the taste.

by irishsenger on September 11, 2015

Product: Sel Gris Sea Salt - Coarse Grind


fast shipping great product and price as always

by christaichi on October 22, 2014

Product: Sea Salt

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Questions & Answers for Sea Salt

Is this product organic?
Question by: Lyndsay on December 03, 2014
It is all-natural sea salt, but it is not certified organic. Salt is currently not eligible to be certified as organic in the US due (at least in part) to it's classification as a mineral.
Answer by: Starwest Staff on December 11, 2014

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