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Starwest is your direct source for the finest teas in the world!

We offer a wide selection of flavorful loose teas, including Black and Oolong, Green and White, Scented and Flavored, Fair Trade, uniquely formulated Herbal Tea Blends and Functional Tea Blends, Chai, Matcha, Yerba Maté Teas, and a selection of visually spectacular Flowering Teas and glass accessories to prepare our Flowering Teas in. For your convenience, we also offer our most popular loose tea varieties prepackaged in fusible paper tea bags (unbleached and free of dyes and adhesive). And to complement our tea line, we also offer Mulling Spices, Cocoa Mixes, and Mocha Surprise (coffee substitute). Many of our teas are Certified Organic, and most are Certified Kosher (exceptions are noted).

For our loose teas, you can conveniently fill your own fusible paper tea bags. And for help making that perfect cup of tea, take a look at our selection of tea accessories.

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Why choose Starwest Teas?

Superior Quality: Supplying premium quality teas for over 43 years, Starwest is committed to stringent quality control inspection procedures. Quality is achieved through superior cultivation, testing and processing. We have developed an unrivaled network of carefully selected growers, including Certified Organic and Fair Trade farmers from all over the world. This global partnership is our strength, uniqueness in the industry, and our key to unmatched quality and consistency.

Certified Organic: Our Certified Organic Teas are grown in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program and Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).

Fair Trade: Our Fair Trade Certified™ Teas are certified by Fair Trade USA, an independent non-profit organization that monitors and certifies Fair Trade products in the U.S. This certification guarantees you are receiving a superior quality Fair Trade product. Fair Trade Certification raises income and living standards for tea farmers overseas, while helping to protect the environment by investing in their farms and communities. The Fair Trade Certified™ label you will see on our products guarantees you are receiving a superior quality product, farmers and workers received a fair price for their product, and eco-friendly practices were used in crop production.

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