Turmeric Root Capsules (100/btl)

Turmeric Root Capsules

Botanical Name: Curcuma longa

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Turmeric Root Capsules


  • Made with premium quality Certified Organic Turmeric Root
  • 540 mg per capsule
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • No additives, fillers, or preservatives
  • Processed, packaged and quality tested in the USA

About Our Capsules

All of our herbs and botanicals are tested for a variety of specifications in our Quality Control Laboratory, including identity and purity, along with a number of other additional tests. We are committed to stringent quality control inspection procedures, and our experienced technicians hand-select only superior quality herbs and botanicals for encapsulation. All steps ensure a premium quality and exceptionally potent herbal dietary supplement.

Taking herbal remedies and supplements in capsule form is an easy and convenient way to get the nutrients one’s body needs. Encapsulated dietary supplements taken regularly in addition to a healthy diet, promote optimum health and well-being.

Ingredients: Organic Turmeric Root powder (Curcuma longa).

Vegetable Capsule Ingredients: Pullulan, water, carrageenan, and potassium chloride.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children.

Product contains no fillers or additives. Do not use if seal is broken or missing.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily with meals or water.

Packaging: All Starwest Herb Capsules 100-count are packaged in light weight plastic, moisture resistant white bottles with a tamper-evident pressure-sealed lid. 500-count bulk packs are packaged in polyfoil, barrier sealed bags, protecting the contents from light exposure and moisture.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

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Somthing I can recommend. It does no harm and often helps

Turmeric Root is not a cure for arthritis or other things; but it is an aid that helps. A herb with no side effects that is worth taking. I don't take supplements; but in this case, two of my doctors approved and one recommend I try Turmeric Root. I'm pushing 80 and had severe arthritis for many years. So long that arthritis medications and anti-inflammatory meds had begun to damage my kidneys. My MD took me off everything, except an occasional Tylenol when only necessary. My knees were swelling and my back was in pain. Since I started on Turmeric daily, my kidney numbers are now GOOD, my diabetic 2 is leveled off and good, the anti-inflammatory in Turmeric is not as good as medical drugs but a whole lot better than taking nothing and suffering. I was suppose to take fish oil and hated it so much I wouldn't take it. Seems lately the doctor doesn't nag me to take the fish oil?

by joanneFlorida on September 5, 2016

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

Great quality

Love the product, it is definitely fresh and it has turmeric aroma still. I swim, run, and riding bike. Use it to reduce pain and inflammatory in my joints. It helped!!! pain free now :)

by yy on May 25, 2016

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

Excellent Herbal capsules

The vegetable capsule is great and easier to take than Turmeric in the press powder mix formed pill. I feel that I'm getting a better quality of Turmeric Root dose. Price is very good and I have recommended Starwest to friends and family as the place to go for their next purchase.

by FloridaJo on April 7, 2016

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

Makes me a believer!

I read about Turmeric being good for you, my daughters friend encouraged her to be taking it, she was going through chemo, and needs all the help she can get. I went to Costco and purchased a bottle of it also, I have body aches and pain, (fibro probably but not diagnosed with it) so I started taking it, and it seemed to help, but when I read that it was processed with oyster shell, and some kind of oil to keep the pills from sticking together when it is processed, I quit taking it. My pain seemed to return, then I found Starwest Botanicals and I researched it, the capsules are veg. so I ordered them, I started taking them with meals 3x a day, and I also bought pepper corns to take with them as well, it is said to help with the absorbing of the Turmeric by 2000x. I am a skeptic but figured what the heck. I am amazed, it really has helped with my pain level. I have knee pain constantly that makes it hard to sleep at night, and general old age pain (I'm 65, part of the process of getting older I guess) I sleep much better at night, have much less pain, and all I can contribute it to is taking the Turmeric 3x a day. It has honestly helped. I am so glad I found something organic to take instead of pain meds!

by Carole on March 17, 2016

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

Great Product!

I usually get the powder in 1 lb. bags and make my own capsules, but you were out so I bought these. Pleasantly surprised - no additives of any kind!


by Faith on March 1, 2016

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules


I don't write reviews very often, but I feel it is necessary to give credit where credit is due!

The price on their organic turmeric capsules cannot be beat, I am an acupuncture physician, and also study nutrition. I recommend this website to many people to buy turmeric.

Thank you for offering such great products at affordable prices!

by Jackie on January 8, 2016

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

This is the best turmeric I've ever found - Organic Turmeric from Starwest Botanicals

I have been using this product for five years - maybe more. It is the best turmeric I have ever found! It is potent and fresh, and the price is great - it's one of the few supplements I can actually afford! You really do want organic turmeric - about 5 years or more ago, four companies were busted putting lead in their turmeric. You will never have that problem with Starwest Botanical's organic turmeric. Their supplements are the finest I have ever found.

I have a very terrible skin disease called Hidradenitis suppurativa. for most of my life, I took antibiotics and steroids and had a lot of in-office as well as inpatient surgeries. I even had a full course of radiation which did nothing but make it worse and give me the risk of cancer. There seemed to be no way to stop this disease. Then someone mentioned turmeric. I have been in remission ever since I started taking turmeric.

One day when I was getting an IVIG infusion at the hospital, I happened to mention to the woman sitting next to me the benefits of turmeric. Turns out, she was in a clinical trial using turmeric on her bone cancer! She fully credited turmeric for her remission.

Obviously, you must not stop any treatments based on what I'm saying. But I say give it a shot! if you have fibromyalgia or arthritis, you should definitely give this a try. Last time I had a GI workup, I was certain I had stomach cancer (it is the first side effect of one of my medications). I was so afraid. But I told myself that I had tried to protect myself by taking turmeric. That calmed me tremendously. It turned out I did not have stomach cancer, and maybe the turmeric had something to do with that. Whether it did or did not, I FELT better because I had done something to try to protect myself - something that has been proven to be effective in this fight. And my skin disease is in remission, my arthritis and fibromyalgia pain is greatly lessened thanks to turmeric. And this is simply the best I've ever found.

by Parrotqueen on November 30, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

Turmeric Root Capsules

I travel a lot with disaster relief teams. As I don't cook I can at least take capsules. Great pricing.
Thank You

by Shirley on November 30, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules


I suffered with horrible feet and toe cramps. They often would travel up my leg. When it happened I could not move and the cramps with last for 5 plus minutes - it felt like an eternity. No rubbing, no trying to put your foot firmly on the floor did anything. Someone told me tumeric would really help. I knew I only wanted something pure and organic so I got Starwest Botanicals organic tumeric capsules -- the large bag. Talk about a miracle worker -- no more cramps. I take 4 a day - every day - and I have not suffered from foot and toe cramps. I am a thoroughly satisfied customer.

by Shopper on November 5, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

dare to compare

best deal out there on turmeric w/veg caps. I love the bulk quantity and freshness. I do a lot of my own caps...but turmeric is kind of messy.

by eddy on October 27, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

1st time buyer

bought starwest brand for the first time. beats the other brands hands down. I take 3000 mg for controlling copd flare ups and decreasing arthritic inflammation best results yet.

by shiloh on September 21, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

Tumeric Root Capsule for knee inflammation

Tumeric was recommended to address knee pain/inflammation. After researching selected Starwest Botanicals. Double dosed for first 5 days then to standard dose. After 7-10 days experiencing a noticeable improvement in swelling and flexibility. Bulk purchasing and price were big plus.

by Carl on June 21, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

Great Fresh Product

This is the freshest product I have ever purchased. One can smell the turmeric through the foil bag! And best of all Starwest's product com-pletely keeps my skin condition in check.

by Teach on June 3, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

Quality Product with good Price

I have not been taking this product long enough to evaluate it's effectiveness on my health, however the quality of product is excellent and the price was very reasonable.

by Deb on April 23, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules


I love this product!

by Liandra on April 15, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

When quality counts

I have no double that the Turmeric I purchased from you is truly beneficial to my health.Knowing that my efforts to stay healthy are not waisted on buying products that are stale, out-dated or rancid, assures my loyalty to your dedication to real quality. Thank you for your integrity.

by Kathleen on January 23, 2015

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

great product

love buying in bulk... use for my arthritis and fibro

by di on October 23, 2014

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

customer for a couple of years now

I love this product and it's reasonable pricing as well. It's fresh and helps me to keep inflammation down.

by rs149 on August 25, 2014

Product: Turmeric Root Capsules

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Questions & Answers for Turmeric Root Capsules

What is the concentration of curcumin in your turmeric?
Question by: RD on January 03, 2015
We offer raw turmeric (not extracted and/or standardized versions). The average curcumin content of turmeric is approximately 3% (by weight).
Answer by: Starwest Staff on January 05, 2015
Is this product 95% curcumin?
Question by: Marlene on July 01, 2014
These capsules are not standardized to a specific level of curcumin as we use raw turmeric powder (not an extract). Turmeric typically has about 2-3% curcumin content, on average.
Answer by: Starwest Staff on July 01, 2014

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