Organic Ginseng Roots & Powders

Ginseng was one of the earliest marketable herbs to be harvested in this country and is prized for its beneficial properties. In general, people consider Chinese Red Ginseng to be more “warming” or energizing, while Chinese White Ginseng is considered to be more “cooling” or calming. Read More

Organic Ginseng Roots & Powders

American and Asian Ginseng have been used for years as a preventative approach to several health conditions. In traditional Chinese medicine, the roots from ginseng plants were used in tea or as an herbal supplement, once described as a "superior tonic". Since then, ginseng root has been used as a dietary supplement to potentially help with inflammation and aid in immune system function*.

At Starwest Botanicals, we are proud to offer dried ginseng, sustainably cultivated and certified organic in both dried root and powdered form. Select from either American ginseng (panax quinquefolius)or Chinese ginseng (panax ginseng) and start reaping the benefits of adding a ginseng supplement to your diet.

Warning: As with any supplements you add to your routine, always consult with your health care provider to ensure you have the correct daily value and monitor for any side effects. Concurrent use with stimulants is not advised, as overstimulation may occur in susceptible persons.


White and Red Ginseng are both shade and sun dried. Additionally, the Red Ginseng goes through a process to steam it before drying is completed.