Essiac Tea - Trinity Blend

Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

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Essiac Tea Trinity Blend

Essiac Tea is a timeless and traditional blend of potent herbs that have historically been used to promote health and well-being and help purify the body.

Ingredients: Organic burdock root, organic sheep sorrel, organic slippery elm and organic (Turkey) rhubarb root.

Warning: Pregnant women, consult your physician. Should use only stainless steel utensils when preparing this tea.

NOTICE: This product contains Rhubarb Root (Rheum palmatum). Read and follow directions carefully. Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain because Rhubarb Root may worsen these conditions and be harmful to your health. Consult your physician if you have frequent diarrhea or if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Individuals with a history of kidney stones should use this herb cautiously.

Daily serving size: 4 oz


To prepare Essiac Tea:

  1. Boil 1 gallon fresh spring water or distilled water in a stainless steel pot.
  2. Stir in 4 oz of tea (by weight *), cover pot.
  3. Boil 10 minutes.
  4. Remove from heat and stir. Cover and let sit for 12 hours at room temperature.
  5. Stir, cover, and bring to a boil. Remove from heat.
  6. Strain through a fine mesh colander. Funnel liquid into clean amber glass bottle and cap. Tighten cap after cooling.
  7. Refrigerate. Mixture will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks if refrigerated.

* If you are unable to weigh 4 oz of tea, you can use the following conversions:
-For Organic and Conventional Essiac Teas: 4 oz is approx. 275 ml or 1 1/16 cup.
-For Organic Trinity Essiac Tea: 4 oz is approx. 180 ml or 3/4 cup.

Directions for drinking:

  1. Shake herbal tea to mix well. Add 2 fl oz tea to equal amount (2 fl oz) boiled fresh spring or distilled water.
  2. Drink 4 fl oz daily on an empty stomach, preferably before bedtime.

Packaging: To preserve freshness, aroma, and potency, our 1 lb loose teas are packaged in a polyfoil bag with a re-sealable zipper closure, protecting the contents from light exposure and moisture.

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Great Product

It's true that Essiac helps with those conditions it is supposed to help. I feel better, my friend with Leukemia feels better too.

by Olga on October 29, 2016

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend



by RUNNING BUFFALO on September 6, 2016

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend


Great item e-tea

by JC on August 26, 2016

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

PSA Trending Down

A long time customer of SWB turn me on to Essiac Tea and I will be forever grateful for it.

by DofG on July 9, 2016

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

Product is always reliable

I have ordered Essiac from Starwest several times.....each time it's been consistently good quality. A reliable product.

by Cat Girl on July 1, 2016

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

This Essiac Tea is the best that I have found.

The directions are easy to follow and the taste is mild and easy to drink. My son and I have been using it for awhile now and love it. Thanks for a great product.

by Destiny on June 2, 2016

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

Great herbs, they always have it when I need it

I've heard great healing stories from people first hand over the last 12 years about 10 people

This tea is rewarding in many ways

I'd recommend it to anyone asking only they be honest about their health when they considered taking it.

Herbs shall be for the service of mankind.

by Essiac tea on March 13, 2016

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend


Delivered on time.

by Essiac Tea on March 4, 2016

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

Great, I feel better with more energy

Helps me feel better and I have more energy when I take this is small amounts twice a day. Usually I chug this down. My personal preference for taste is the other Essiac Tea, but I have only been able to order it once. Usually the other is on back order. This tea is ok chugged if I sip it, to me it tastes like diluted mud. As long as I feel better, I can tolerate the taste.

by SB on October 22, 2015

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

excellent product

I have tried several other Essiac tea blends from other companies.
The organic trinity combination from Starwest is the best I have
ever had. It does not upset your stomach, the mix is easy to
use and divide if you want to make smaller batches. It has
helped me tremendously remove toxins from my body and
there have been no negative side effects. I would highly recommend
Starwest and this wonderful tea.

by Lauren on October 13, 2015

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

I have used this product for sometime now, and have also recommend this item to my best friend

I can`t do with out this product, because of my health.

by JC on October 9, 2015

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

A Quality Product

I made one batch of the Essiac Tea and it had a good taste and the
feeling of its quality was of an obvious effectiveness by my perceptions.

This company puts out quality herbs at an amazing price.
I have several of their herbs, all in the one pound size.

Starwest is a VERY high quality company.
You will not be disappointed in their products.

by Corky on August 6, 2015

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend


good value, Great product

by joe on February 12, 2015

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

Cancer Cleansing

Essiac tea is an essential element to a holistic cancer protocol. Stage 3 breast cancer healed in 3-months and I attribute a fundamental portion of my cancer-free status to Essiac tea.

It will cleanse you for life, provided you fuel your body with living foods rather than the S.A.D food (Standard American Diet) that most consume.

Essiac tea is phenomenal!

by Deborah on September 7, 2014

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend


Very good product

by JC on September 5, 2014

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

Great product for reducing men's PSA

Great product for reducing men,s PSA. If your on a steroid that surpresses your immune system, it works but not as well.

The trace minerals in this product boost your immune system.

by Tex49 on July 21, 2014

Product: Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

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Questions & Answers for Essiac Tea Organic - Trinity Blend

Does the sheep sorrel powder consist of the whole plant, including the roots?
Question by: Erica on March 19, 2014
It's sheep sorrel herb, which is the above-ground portion only (no roots).
Answer by: Starwest Staff on March 19, 2014
What does 'Trinity blend' mean? (Essiac trinity blend)
Question by: Leslie on April 18, 2014
'Trinity' is an herbal brand we purchased some time ago, and their Essiac blend is slightly different (same herbs, but a couple of the items are in powdered form), so we've kept the option available for those who prefer it.
Answer by: Starwest Staff on April 18, 2014
What is the difference of the Essiac "trinity blend"? The ingredients appear to be the same as the other products labeled as Essiac on your site, but the photos of the "trinity blend" products do appear different. Thank you!
Question by: Kasey on December 16, 2014
Overall, the ingredients are almost identical (same herbs). However, one is blended with conventional cut and sifted herbs (Essiac Tea), one is blended with organic cut and sifted herbs (Organic Essiac Tea), and the Trinity blend uses organic herbs, but 3 of the ingredients are in powdered form, which makes a thicker brew because the powder is very difficult to strain from the final product (some of our customers prefer these herb particles remain).
Answer by: Starwest Staff on January 05, 2015
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