Beeswax Beads, Yellow (Filtered)

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Harvested from honeycombs, Beeswax is a natural choice to bee well in your beauty and homecare routine. Beeswax hydrates, soothes, and softens skin.* Use it in homemade soaps, lotions, salves, and other body care products.

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Beeswax Beads, Yellow (Filtered)

Our beeswax is 100% natural and is filtered to be free of debris, pollen, and honey. It does not contain petroleum-derived ingredients, and it is not processed with chemicals.

It has a smooth texture and mildly sweet aroma, and tends to burn more uniformly, and mixes more easily with other ingredients due to its smooth texture. The cleanliness and small size of the Beeswax Beads also contribute to the product's ease of use and is considerably easier than working with chunks or slabs of beeswax.

Beeswax contains a considerable amount of vitamin A, which is necessary for skin development. It also has emollient, soothing, and softening properties and helps the skin retain moisture, and is often used in cosmetic and skincare products as a thickening agent, emulsifier, and humectant.* It has a wide range of uses including soaps, salves, balms, skin creams, candles, lubricants, and polishes.

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