Cumin Seed Powder Organic

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Cumin seed has been raved about for centuries. It was unearthed in Egyptian tombs, mentioned in the Bible, and is still a staple in kitchens worldwide - from India, to Morocco, Mexico, and Greece. Cumin is also a mainstay of Ayurvedic medicine, known for its ability to soothe digestion.*
Botanical Name:
Cuminum cyminum

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Organic Cumin Seed

Cumin seed, also known as Cuminum cyminum, is a small herb from the Apiaceace family that originated in the Mediterranean and India.   

With its rich, hearty, and earthy flavor, cumin adds warmth to curries, chili, soups, and stews. It enhances the sweetness of root vegetables, adds depth to veggie dishes, and brings out the savory flavor of meats.   

Roasts can be spiced with Cumin Seed. It can be combined with fruit and sweet-flavored root vegetables and used to season a pork or beef roast. Chili typically uses cumin spice to flavor the beans and meat. To add a spicy accent to hot dishes that feature chili peppers, you can mix Cumin Seed powder with sour cream to use as a garnish on hot food.

Salads get a flavor boost with the addition of Cumin Seed powder. You can make a salad that features corn, beans, cheese, and add some chicken to it, then pour over it an oil and vinegar dressing that has cumin added.

If you like to barbecue, you will certainly want to keep a spice rub on hand for flavoring meats for the grill. You can make a wonderful spice rub using cumin, onion and garlic powders, paprika, garlic and other seasonings that you like, and use it to rub into chicken or pork meat.

Rice and bean dishes can be seasoned with whole Cumin Seed. To turn it into a vegetarian main dish, beans may be added. Black beans are particularly flavorful. Dried pinto beans can be purchased in bulk and cooked very inexpensively in a slow cooker, and seasoned with cumin to make wonderful refried beans. Whole spice seeds can be quickly toasted in a warm fry pan over low heat, which helps to release the flavor and aroma in the seeds.

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