Horseradish Root Powder Organic

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Botanical Name:
Armoracia rusticana

About This Product

Horseradish Powder

For a piquant taste that will liven up nearly any savory recipe, it would be hard to beat Horseradish Powder. The commonly edible part of the Horseradish spice is the root

Horseradish spice is a common addition to many condiments you likely have in your kitchen right now. It can be added to mustard or to mayonnaise to make a sparkling addition to your next grilled hamburger or sausage. It also makes a tasty addition to thousand island dressing, which can then be applied to a variety of sandwiches. Horseradish spice is a wonderful ingredient to use in the preparation of Cesar salad or green goddess dressings as well. It can also be added to sour cream and used as an accompaniment to roasted meats such as beef or port roasts. It makes a tasty addition to coleslaws made from shredded cabbage as well. Horseradish can also be added in small amounts to barbecue sauce to spice it up. Horseradish Powder tastes great when added to tomato-based cocktail sauces used for garnishing shrimp and other seafood.

In addition to culinary uses, our Horseradish Powder is commonly used as a stimulant.