Lavender Flowers Extra Organic Eco-Friendly (.49 oz)

Please note: Product color can vary from lot to lot.

Lavender has a lovely floral flavor and can be used in baking recipes, beauty products, and can be made as a tea. it has a soothing, sweet, and beautiful aroma - one of the most recognized scents in the world.

Botanical Name:
Lavandula x intermedia

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Ethical Sourcing

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Consumer demand for culinary and wellness botanicals are on the rise. There are many advantages of our Eco-Pouch herbs and spices for you and your customers:

✔ Eco-friendly packaging made from recyclable materials with clog-resistant re-sealable zipper closure. Learn about how to recycle your Eco-Pouches under 'Additional Information' below.

✔ Safe, economical, and convenient alternative to bulk bins in retail stores.

✔ Pre-packaged bags make for easy grab-n-go purchases vs the time-consuming process of filling, sealing and labeling a bulk bin bag.

✔ Eco-Pouch bags are opaque to protect herbs and spices from light degradation.

✔ High quality assurance & ethical sourcing. No-ETO and Non-Irradiated.

Learn more about our Certified Organic Lavender Flowers:

Our certified organic Lavender, also known as Lavandula x intermedia, is an evergreen shrub that blooms with beautiful purple flowers from the late spring to early autumn. While it originated in the Mediterranean, lavender is now cultivated in Europe and the Western United States.

This sweet herb is in vogue in French cuisine and adds a delicate floral flavor to desserts and breads. Its aromatic properties also shine when infused in oils, soaps, lotions, and creams for spa-like home beauty treatments.

What's the difference between the Extra and Super grades?

All grades of our dried lavender possess a very fragrant aroma and distinct flavors that become more subtle when used in an infusion, such as a tea. Our bulk dried lavender buds are all perfectly suitable for culinary use, crafts, potpourri, and for therapeutic use such as in body care products like soap, essential oils, lotions, and shampoos. There are slight variations of color and aroma between each grade of lavender flower.

Extra grade dry lavender has a slightly bitter, floral, grassy flavor enhanced by the aroma. The flowers have a little more green or blue-grey color compared to Select and Super, and also contains slightly more stems and leaves. This makes it a cost-effective alternative in culinary preparations and crafts that do not rely on visual presentation. Perfect for use in sachets, tinted containers, and especially in our Starwest Organic Lavender Dryer Bags!

Super grade dry lavender has a citrus-like taste, hints of sweetness and rosemary, and a stronger floral flavor. It is brighter and subtly peppery when raw. The color is rich and vibrant and contains the least amount of stems and leaves. With the abundance of flowers and buds, Super grade lavender is perfect for loose teas (especially if you intend to make a tea with only lavender, not as a blend) and in any application that calls for open or clear containers, such as potpourri, where the colors are sure to be prominent.

Common Names

Garden Lavender, spike lavender, common lavender

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