Lemon Flavor Extract

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About This Product

Lemon Flavor Extract

Our lemon extract has a strong, clean, citrusy lemon flavor without the acidic taste typical of lemon juice/zest.

About Our Flavor Extracts

Our Flavor Extracts are made from high quality natural oils and flavors, ensuring a truly superior, bold, and concentrated flavor, formulated to withstand high heat. Flavor Extracts can add the complexities and nuances of fresh flavor to any recipe. They are truly a kitchen necessity, and they can be used in an ever-expanding host of delicious possibilities!

Flavor Extracts are made by mixing a concentrated natural flavor with alcohol. The alcohol grain base used acts as an excellent preservative, thus maintaining the bold flavor. Most of the alcohol burns off or evaporates during cooking or baking, leaving behind only the desired, concentrated natural flavor in your cooking.


Use lemon extract anywhere you want a rich, citrusy lemon flavor.

  • For baked goods, lemon extract can be used in cakes, muffins, frostings, fillings, pies, pastries, candy, and cookies.
  • Can also be used in gelatin, jams and jellies.
  • Add lemon extract to classic desserts like pound cakes, lemon chiffon cake, cheesecake, custards, lemon meringue pie, and in frozen desserts.
  • It also goes well with fresh fruit, ice cream, and in beverages like hot or iced tea.
  • On the savory side, it’s great with fish, pork, chicken, rice, and vegetable recipes.
  • It can be a citrusy addition to your salad dressings and sauces, and it marries well with a variety of herbs for making marinades and seasonings.


Alcohol, water, and Natural Flavor.

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