Moroccan Mint Green Tea Organic, Fair Trade

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This minty fresh green tea, also called Maghrebi, is a hallmark of Moroccan culture and is beloved around the world for its smooth, sweet flavor. It helps support healthy digestion and promotes a sense of calm.*
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Moroccan Mint Green Tea Organic, Fair Trade

Mint tea is believed to have been introduced in Morocco in the 19th century by a British merchant. It is now a Moroccan tradition, and serving it is a sign of hospitality and respect for guests.

It has a delicious, sweet flavor on its own, or you can add an extra hint of sweetness with honey, lemon, or fresh mint leaves. 

A blend of Organic Green Tea and fragrant organic peppermint are combined to create a crisp,minty, aromatic, and brightly flavorful cup of tea. This loose leaf Moroccan Mint Tea is traditionally served in small glasses with a sprig of fresh mint and a touch of sugar. It is delicious and refreshing hot or iced!

Contains Caffeine


Organic Gunpowder Green Tea* and organic peppermint leaf*. *Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA™.

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