Nigella Seed Organic

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Also known as black cumin and kalonji, Nigella seeds have a rich aroma, delicious crunch, and notes of onion, oregano, and black pepper. Nigella seed benefits include providing whole body support and protection.*
Botanical Name:
Nigella sativa

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Nigella Seed Organic

Nigella is a member of the Ranunculaceae family and its seeds come from the flowering plant Nigella sativa, which is found in Turkey, Syria, and parts of Iraq.  

You’ll most frequently find Nigella seeds in Indian, Middle Eastern, and North African dishes such as curries, soups, squashes, stews, and lentil recipes. You can also use Nigella seeds to add a satisfying crunch to pancakes, pastries, and crackers.   

Common Names

Black cumin seed

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