Rosehips Cut & Sift (Seedless) Organic

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Rosehips are the fruit of roses, which bloom as the flowers drop off. These fruits are one of the most concentrated and potent sources of vitamin C, which may help support a healthy immune system.*
Botanical Name:
Rosa canina
Chile/South Africa

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Rosehips (Seedless) Organic

Rosehips ripen on wild roses through late autumn. They have been used for centuries as a nutrient powerhouse and alternative to citrus fruits when they weren't available.

Rosehips have a delicate, floral flavor that's subtly sweet with a distinct tart aftertaste. You can enjoy rosehips in a soothing cup of tea and in smoothies, jams, and honeys.

Common Names

Dog rose, Hep tree, hip tree, wild brier, brier rose, hip fruit

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