Saw Palmetto Berry Powder Organic

Saw Palmetto is a small fan palm that can be seen growing in the United States. It was once considered a staple food and herbal remedy for the Seminole people. Now, it's known for promoting men's health.*
Botanical Name:
Serenoa repens
United States

About This Product

Saw Palmetto Berry Organic

Saw Palmetto berries, also known as Serenoa repens, are part of the Arecaceae family and are native to the Southeastern United States, particularly Florida. The plant looks like a short palm tree that spreads into a shrub-sized plant. The palm blooms with white flowers that lead to the formation of reddish-black berries.  

With a distinctly sweet aroma and slightly bitter taste, saw palmetto powder can be brewed into tea.


Common Names

Sabal serulata, palmetto berry, American dwarf palm tree, cabbage palm