Sea Salt, Chipotle - Medium Grind

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Sea Salt, Chipotle - Medium Grind

Smoke-dried jalapeños are combined with natural sea salt for a delicious, versatile ingredient that can add dimension and unique flavor to a many recipes. It pairs deliciously with a wide variety of cuisines- from Mexican to BBQ. It can be used in dry rubs, spice blends, marinades, on meat and fish, or simply finishes dishes that need an extra kick. For a warm but not-too-spicy heat, add Chipotle Sea Salt to soup, sauces, or use it to enhance honey-sweetened baked goods for new layers of flavor. It can spice up steamed veggies, chicken, and guacamole. It is a great finishing salt with just the right amount of lasting heat with a rich and smoky chipotle flavor.


Sea Salt and ground chipotle peppers.