Tea Time: Easy-to-Make Herbal Teas


It doesn’t take a health nut to know that herbal teas are all the rage. They can be healthful, tasty, varied, and a great substitute to your morning cup of coffee. But, surprisingly, they are also quite easy to make.

Some people use easy to make herbal teas as a “make it up as you go along” process. This can be both rewarding, with a concoction you absolutely love, or disastrous, with a mixture that tastes like, well, you made it up as you went along.

For anyone looking for easy to make herbal teas sans the adventure, a great rule of thumb is to use herbs you have tried, and liked, before. If you love mint tea, for instance, you will probably like your homemade mint tea. Another good rule of thumb is the taste the tea as you go: instead of adding a ton of herbs at the same time, add them one at a time. This way, you can stop if you suddenly produce something really tasty (or not so much).


After you have your chosen herbs, you can either grow them yourself or buy them dried, place your herbs in a container (preferably not metal) and pour in boiling water. Allow these herbs to simmer. Periodically taste your tea to help you determine how much simmering they actually need. Some herbs will taste better the longer they sit, some will taste worst. After it is to your liking, drain the herbs from the tea and drink up.

Herbal tea making is supposed to be fun, so treat it as such. If you find that your tea is lacking in taste, but contains all the herbal benefits you are after, try adding some honey, milk, or even spices that you are fond of.