Organic Elder Berries

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Elder Berries

Botanical Name: Sambucus nigra

Common Names: Black-berried European Elder, Boor Tree, European Elder, German Elder

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Elder Berries Whole Wildcrafted 1 lb Croatia 201430-01
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Organic Elder Berries 1 lb Croatia 209290-01
Organic Elder Berries 4 oz Croatia 209290-04
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Elder Berries

Sambucus nigra, the name of the plant that produces Elder berries, is a large deciduous shrub that bears dark black berries. Sambucus nigra hails from Europe, and also originates from southwest Asia and northwest Africa. Our producer in Croatia keeps us well supplied with Elder berries. Other common names for Sambucus nigra include Black Elder, European Elder, Common Elder, Black-berried European Elder, boor tree and German Elder. The plant produces flowers in the summer, and the fruit comes on in the late fall months of the year. The small dark berries hang in clusters off the large shrub, and are attractive to birds who flock to the plants for late season food.

Humans eat the berries as well, and often serve them cooked in pies and jams, as well as in elderberry wine. According to some sources the berries can be toxic to some if eaten raw, however. The berries have also been used in times past as a dye or a flavoring.

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Great product

I love the Organic Elderberries that I have purchased from you several times now. I make my own Elderberry syrup and give it to family to take whenever they feel colds or flu coming on. I work at a childcare center and all of my coworkers got the flu this past season, except for me. I also get the Holy Basil leaf, and make tea with that, it is so delicious!

by kare on March 24, 2017

Product: Elder Berries


Great product, highly recommend

by SteveB89 on October 19, 2016

Product: Organic Elder Berries

Very Satisfied

This is my first time ordering this product and I am very please with my order. Great packaging. fast delivery, very fresh and effective.

by GIGI on October 10, 2016

Product: Organic Elder Berries

Great product

I made elderberry syrup from this. I have not tried this yet, but it smells wonderful. I am hoping it will keep me healthy in the winter months.

by English Rose on April 15, 2016

Product: Organic Elder Berries


I have not used as of yet but, I am pleased with the short turnaround time of my shipment as this was at a very busy time of year when I ordered. I am also pleased that I have located a place where I can buy larger amounts. I will be back when ready to order again.. I like making larger batches for myself and others when I get busy making things. Very pleased so far.

by rudy tudy on January 4, 2016

Product: Elder Berries Whole Wildcrafted

Starwest Elderberries

The quality was lovely, the price slightly higher than my usual supplier, but the shipping was very prompt, and due to the availability of the elderberries at Starwest Botanicals, I was able to make several gallons of elderberry/hibiscus juice for my family, right at the beginning of the fall colds/flu season.
Thanks Starwest Botanicals!

by Sunny on November 16, 2015

Product: Elder Berries

A startling surprise!

I know very little about herbs etc.. However, my husband and I are brewing Kombucha. I'd seen several sites telling people to try this in their Kombucha. So, I went for it. This is an incredible delight. Neither of us had ever had an elder berry, thus, we had no idea as to what they tasted like. We do a continue brewing system but still do some bottles so we experience lots of different flavors. This is a sure hit. The taste is incredible. Elder Berry made our list of favorites. Being new to all of this is like putting us in a candy store. We LOVE it!

by Jeff on November 15, 2015

Product: Elder Berries

Very happy with company and product

I am happy to have found Starwest Botanicals. I ordered the Elder Berries. They were delivered promptly and the product is fresh and excellent. I made a large mason jar of elder berry syrup for cold and flu season! I will definitely be ordering again and referring clients to their site.

by Stacey - Holistic Nutritionist on November 3, 2015

Product: Elder Berries

Organic Elderberries

As a senior citizen I know if I catch a cold I could end up with bronchitis. I have been drinking Elderberry tea for several years now, and I have had only one cold incident. Starwest organic Elderberries are pure and the benefit of drinking the tea is evident. I have shared Starwest elderberries with my grown children and other family members. This is a great product, and I really like being able to have this product mailed to my home.

by Ann on October 29, 2015

Product: Elder Berries

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