Culinary Bags 6" x 8"

Please note: Product appearance including color and size may vary from lot to lot.

Size: 25/pack


About This Product

Culinary Bags 6"x 8"

A fill-your-own drawstring muslin bag.

  • Made from virgin (unbleached) cotton fabric (off-white), woven domestically.
  • There are no toxic chemicals used in the weaving process of these bags.
  • Meets requirements for use in food applications.

Our Culinary Bags have a multitude of uses:

  • You can fill a culinary bag with one of our delicious herbal teas for brewing in a pot, or for making sun tea.
  • Fill with our spices and seasonings for flavoring your food, or with our mulling spices for hot spiced cider or mulled wine.
  • Perfect for filling with potpourri or a mixture of aromatic herbs to create a natural freshener for your drawers, to hang in closets, or for the car.
  • Fill with one of our organic herbal bath blends or salts for a relaxing soak in the tub.
  • Can be used for all-purpose packaging of crafts, soap, and little gifts.