Starwest’s Environmental Dedication

Ecological & Social Responsibility

Starwest is committed to selling high quality natural products while preserving the environment. We conduct our business in a way that allows us to maintain our standard of environmental dedication, with commitments to sustainable organic farming and caring for the environment. We make every effort to select ingredients from natural renewable sources and are dedicated to the conservation of plants and the preservation of their natural habitat. We support sustainable wild collection practices to protect species from becoming endangered. We are members of United Plant Savers, an organization that helps spread the word on endangered and at risk plant species.

Supporting Organic & Sustainable Agriculture

Certified Organic products are grown and harvested without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or chemicals, and offer a more sustainable option for feeding ourselves and our communities. Organic farming practices have many environmental, health, and social benefits. Sustainable organic farming can produce crops without depleting our earth’s resources or polluting the environment. Organic farms can even support higher levels of wildlife; and entire ecosystems and ground water are improved by following organic farming methods. By using organic products which are cultivated in a more sustainable way we can also help maintain biodiversity.

Environmental Practices at Starwest

Renewable Energy

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption levels. We have replaced all of our lighting with new low energy units and support our local utilities Greenergy™ program. The Greenergy™ program allows us to purchase power from renewable sources like wind, water and sun. The goal of this program is to build new, cleaner energy resources, reducing the need to build additional high-polluting power plants.


Starwest has taken the initiative to:

  • Reduce daily company-wide paper usage , and only print our wholesale catalog annually.
  • Use non-toxic inks and recycle all of our printer ink cartridges.
  • Use packaging materials made from recycled material, that are recyclable, and most are bio-degradable.
  • Recycle all cardboard, paper, glass, metal and recyclable plastic in our facility.