• Saffron
    Culinary Uses Of Saffron Spice
    What we know as saffron spice comes from a plant called Saffron crocus, which is indeed a type of spring-blooming crocus. The parts of the plant that are used in saffron spice are the stigmas and the styles in the center of the flower. These are dried, and thus turned into a culinary wonder. Although it is an expensive spice, a little bit of it goes a long way in flavoring a variety of dishes.
  • Saffron spice
    Saffron: The Queen of Spices
    In ancient times, spices of all kinds were literally as valuable as gold; derived from plants in remote parts of the world, they had to be transported by pack animal and sailing ship to their destinations. Obtaining spices was an arduous and often dangerous enterprise.
  • Organic Recipes
    We enjoyed this selection of organic fall and winter recipe delights from Yankee Harvest and wanted to pass these organic recipes along to our readers. Remember to look to Starwest for your selection of the finest organic culinary spices. We are a certified organic herbs processor and carry a fantastic selection of organic herbs and organic spices for all of you cooking needs.
  • Spice Rubs - Add Delicious Flavor to your Cooking Today
    Spice rubs are unique in that while there are many different ways to add spices to food, before, during and after cooking, spices are most effective when added prior to the cooking process. The most popular way to do this is by allowing the food to marinate in spices mixed with some kind of liquid, such as olive oil, citrus juice or wine. Another delicious to add extra flair to your cooking methods are to use a spice rub.
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice
    Although “pumpkin” comes from the Greek word pepon – meaning “melon” – pumpkins are not Greek, nor melons. Although they are now grown in many parts of the world, the pumpkin is a North American native and a member of the squash family.
  • indian spices
    The Most Popular Indian Food Spices
    Known worldwide for the spectacular Taj Mahal, India not only boasts fabulous architecture but also an exquisite cuisine. There are several herbs and spices used in Indian dishes, with a few reaching common use and becoming the most popular.
  • anise seed
    Using Anise Seed For Cooking
    Most people enjoy the spicy and sweet flavor of anise seed, perhaps because of early memories of sitting in a movie theatre enjoying black licorice strings as you watch a picture. Anise seed comes from an herbaceous plant that is native to warm Mediterranean and southwest Asian climates. The flowers of the plant are produced in white umbrels that then produce the seeds that are used in anise seed recipes.
  • Fresh Dried Herbs are Favored in Cooking
    Fresh dried herbs from around the world are used in many ways around your home or in your business. Fresh herbs grown by suppliers located worldwide, are used in all types of cuisines and in beverages. Dried herbs are also the main ingredient in a host of wonderful teas that you enjoy with your morning paper or at the end of a long day.

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