• The Lesser-Known Schisandra Berry
    For years now, many of us have been hearing about the benefits of natural remedies. One of the most popular natural remedies in use is in the berry family. From blueberry to strawberry, from raspberry to acai, berries everywhere are basking in the limelight watching as their popularity continues to grow.
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    5 Native American Herbs
    Just as many Eastern cultures have embraced the offerings of the land, using roots, herbs and plants for medicinal and everyday purposes, so have Native Americans. In fact, Native American herbs were among some of the most widely and commonly used herbs in the past.
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    Antioxident Benefits of Hibiscus Flowers
    Chances are, you don’t look longingly at flowers, licking your lips and hoping for a taste; simply put, you are not a giraffe. While eating flowers might not be a common thing among the human population, it turns out that they may actually be good for us, at least their extracts are. This is particularly true for the Hibiscus flower.
  • tincture bottle
    Making Natural Tinctures
    Generally speaking, a tincture is a solution that uses alcohol as the extract. Many people are making tinctures with alcohol and glycerin, and have been used in traditional and alternative medicine practices. Herbal tinctures offer a popular way to use dried herbs and spices for many health purposes. They are easy to make as well.
  • Ten Chinese Herbs You Should Know
    Chinese herbs have been used for hundreds of years as a part of the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Practitioners of this style of medicine will combine herbs so that they are custom blended for each individual patient. They use both bulk herbs and dried herbs in preparing the decoctions. Chinese herbs, in this traditional medical style, can be classified by the four natures, the four tastes and the meridians. The natures refer to yin and yang, with yin being cold and yang being hot. The tastes are salty, sweet, pungent, bitter and sour. The organs in the body that Chinese herbs claim to work upon are called the meridians.
  • What Is An Adaptogen?
    If you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine, there are several terms that are used that you might not have heard of before. One term that is important to understand is the word “adaptogen.” As it relates to traditional medicine, adaptogens are dried herbs that may help the body to resist fatigue, anxiety, stress and trauma. Essentially, they may help the body adapt to stress.

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