Full Body Wrap

Body wraps are used by professionals, mostly in spas, for a number of beneficial purposes. Depending on the specific need of the body wrap, different types and combinations of herbs, creams, clays, seaweed and mud are applied to the body. Then the person is wrapped for a period of time for warmth. Body wraps are used to help sooth skin, and for relaxation and purification. The herbs used in a body wrap are selected for their flavors, scents, beneficial qualities, and their potential effect on the desired outcome of the specific wrap being applied.

herbs for body wrap

Body wraps incorporate many different types of herbs such as: chamomileburdock rootginger root, rose hip, alfalfa leaf, aloe vera, echinaceafennelpeppermint and more. These herbs are used in specific amounts and combinations by a professional to achieve the desired results of each individual wrap.

Body Scrub & Bath Salt

The body wrap process often begins with removal of dead skin by dry brushing or using a salt scrub. Next, the therapist/esthetician will apply the product they have prepared for you, and she will wrap you to keep you warm. After 20-60 minutes the will unwrap you and rinse you off. However, sometimes it is recommended that you do not rinse off for several hours after the treatment.