• Oolong Tea Benefits May Be Just Too Long to List
    Oolong tea benefits have been known for centuries in the Orient. The tea has been cultivated and refined to perfection in Taiwan, China and Japan. Oolong, sometimes called WuLong, is taken from the camellia sinensis plant, the source for all true teas. Oolong is different for how it is oxidized or fermented. Its taste and properties lie somewhere between green and black tea.
  • kelp2
    The Health Benefits of Kelp
    When it comes to health, most of us think of fruits and vegetables or laps around the gym until we are tired and sweaty; chances are, we rarely think of seaweed. However, it turns out that kelp is actually one of the healthiest things you can put inside your body. In fact, kelp is called the “miracle plant,” thanks to its healing and therapeutic properties as well as its ability to perform phenomenal acts of wellness.
  • The Lesser-Known Schisandra Berry
    For years now, many of us have been hearing about the benefits of natural remedies. One of the most popular natural remedies in use is in the berry family. From blueberry to strawberry, from raspberry to acai, berries everywhere are basking in the limelight watching as their popularity continues to grow.
  • kelp
    Beauty Treasures from the Sea
    When it comes to thinking about beauty products, chances are you think of name brands, lotions and cleansers available at the local drugstore or shampoos and conditioners sold by your hair dresser. Chances are you might be overlooking what’s under the sea.
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    5 Native American Herbs
    Just as many Eastern cultures have embraced the offerings of the land, using roots, herbs and plants for medicinal and everyday purposes, so have Native Americans. In fact, Native American herbs were among some of the most widely and commonly used herbs in the past.

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