• seasalt
    The Benefits of Mineral and Sea Salts
    For years, we have been hearing about the health repercussions of eating salt. Too much can be hard on our cells and hard on our systems. Salt, for many of us, has become the enemy. We find ourselves leering at it across the tables of restaurants and kitchens everywhere.
  • hibiscus
    Antioxident Benefits of Hibiscus Flowers
    Chances are, you don’t look longingly at flowers, licking your lips and hoping for a taste; simply put, you are not a giraffe. While eating flowers might not be a common thing among the human population, it turns out that they may actually be good for us, at least their extracts are. This is particularly true for the Hibiscus flower.
  • loosetea
    What is Fair Trade Loose Tea?
    Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, if not the most popular. It is soothing, healthy, tasty and a great pick me up for early mornings. It is also the master of diversity: tea comes in thousands of varieties.
  • Vegetable-Glycerin
    Vegetable Glycerin
    In 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon set out to find the Fountain of Youth, a legendary spring that could keep people from aging. What he found instead was Florida. Nevertheless, his quest is one that still exists today. Though most of us do not take the extreme measures of de Leon, we still want to know the secret and perhaps vegetable glycerin can help!
  • Lemon Bars
    A friend of mine mentioned that he always loved these growing up and I realized that I have never had one. So the next day I set out to discover what they were all about. Meaning that I asked my lovely and talented girlfriend if she could use her extraordinary baking skills to make these now sought after treats.
  • dried herbs
    Replacing Fresh Veggies with Dried Herbs
    We don’t have to be dieticians to know that vegetables and herbs are a good source of nutrition for our bodies. The one draw back, for many, is that fresh vegetables and herbs go bad quickly, often before we can eat them. This leaves us with a predicament: we either go to the grocery store every few days, or we buy in bulk, and risk wasting food and money. Luckily, there is also a third choice: finding dried herbs for sale.

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