• Bath Salts and Oils
    Holiday Gift Ideas and Recipes
    Not much feels as good as a hot bath using natural ingredients during the winter months, and that’s especially true once you’ve added your own bath salts or oils. Treat yourself right this holiday season using all natural products to make your own bath oils, bath salts, lotions, and sprays. These recipes also make great holiday gifts for friends and family, especially in our heart shaped bottles. Not only will you benefit from our all natural products, these products are compatible with our natural environment.
  • Saffron
    Culinary Uses Of Saffron Spice
    What we know as saffron spice comes from a plant called Saffron crocus, which is indeed a type of spring-blooming crocus. The parts of the plant that are used in saffron spice are the stigmas and the styles in the center of the flower. These are dried, and thus turned into a culinary wonder. Although it is an expensive spice, a little bit of it goes a long way in flavoring a variety of dishes.
  • Organic Recipes
    We enjoyed this selection of organic fall and winter recipe delights from Yankee Harvest and wanted to pass these organic recipes along to our readers. Remember to look to Starwest for your selection of the finest organic culinary spices. We are a certified organic herbs processor and carry a fantastic selection of organic herbs and organic spices for all of you cooking needs.
  • Holiday Recipes
    Celebrating the holidays with family is a highlight of the year. With the holidays quickly approaching, look to Starwest for the best in culinary delights to share with your family. We have a selection of delicious and unique recipes waiting for you on the Starwest Holiday Recipes page! Pies, soups and cookies are part of the selection.
  • chia seeds
    Chia Seeds Pack a Real Antioxidant Punch
    Chia seeds, otherwise known as Salvia hispanica, have long been thought to be a super food due to its many vitamins and minerals. While these seeds might seem tiny, they pack a real antioxidant punch and are especially rich in omega-3 fatty acid, necessary in keeping your body healthy.
  • indian spices
    The Most Popular Indian Food Spices
    Known worldwide for the spectacular Taj Mahal, India not only boasts fabulous architecture but also an exquisite cuisine. There are several herbs and spices used in Indian dishes, with a few reaching common use and becoming the most popular.
  • anise seed
    Using Anise Seed For Cooking
    Most people enjoy the spicy and sweet flavor of anise seed, perhaps because of early memories of sitting in a movie theatre enjoying black licorice strings as you watch a picture. Anise seed comes from an herbaceous plant that is native to warm Mediterranean and southwest Asian climates. The flowers of the plant are produced in white umbrels that then produce the seeds that are used in anise seed recipes.
  • dried herbs
    Chinese Five Spice
    In the philosophy of Tao, the concept of balance between yin and yang – the former representing the feminine as well as dark, cold and wet, and the latter being the manifestation of the masculine, light, heat and dryness – is important. Chinese Five Spice is the culinary reflection of this balance between yin and yang, and encompasses all five of the basic flavors – bitterness, saltiness, savory, sourness and sweetness.
  • chai tea and tea pot
    A Tasty Chai Tea Recipe
    Chai tea is a wildly popular drink, and deservedly so. Chai is typically made by combining black tea with selected spices and milk. This mix of tea, spices, milk and sweetener, makes a delectable drink during and after meals. Although the word “chai” refers simply to “tea” in many different languages and cultures, in North America, chai tends to be thought of as what is known in India as Masala chai. No matter what is called, chai tea is well known for its wonderfully unique taste and you’ll be glad to know it’s easy to make with a simple chai tea recipe.

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