Bulk bath herbs - make your next bathing experience an aromatic delight.

Herbal Bath Blends and Bags

Bulk bath herbs from Starwest Botanicals can make your next bathing experience an aromatic delight. As a purveyor of fine herbs for over thirty years, Starwest Botanicals, at www.starwest-botanicals.com, provides both retail and wholesale customers with the highest quality bulk herbs at the best prices. Because we process the herbs ourself at our 85,000 square-foot warehouse and production center, we can oversee the care and quality at every step of the way. Because of all these reasons, we can proudly offer all of our herbal products, including our popular bulk bath herbs, with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

When purchased in bulk, bath herbs can be mixed to your exact specifications. The loose herbs are then placed in a drawstring muslin bag or a large tea ball made out of a metal mesh, and dropped into the warm bath water. The heat and moisture of the bath will release the pungent aromas in your bathing herbal blend.

Some fragrant herbs that make great bathing mixes can include lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and rosehips. Spices such as orange peel can also be added for a perky layer of fragrance.

Our bulk lavender flowers come from France. From antiquity, lavender was used to scent the baths of Rome. In addition to a bathing mix, lavender can also be used as a culinary flavoring in iced drinks such as lemonade, cookies, and to create a flavored sugar. Lavender flowers can be placed in a pouch and stored in a dresser drawer to lightly scent your clothing, or mixed with other herbs to create a potpourris.

Chamomile is one of our bulk bath herbs that can also be drunk as an herbal tea. Chamomile is said to soothe with relaxant properties. Our quality chamomile is imported from Egypt.

Rosemary is a wonderful culinary herb used to season poultry and other meats. It also produces a delightful aroma in the bath as well. Symbolically, rosemary stands for remembrance, and in ancient times was thought to improve the memory.

Rose hips grow from rose flowers after the petals fall. Although all roses produce hips, there are some species, such as the Dog rose and the ornamental Rosa moyesii, that are known for their colorful hips. Rose hips can provide a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants, and are often used to make tea, jellies and jams. Added to the bath, they give off a fruity fragrance.

Bulk bath herbs can be obtained in quantities of one pound and greater from Starwest Botanicals. Many herbs also come in organic bulk form as well. With our competitive prices, huge selection and free shipping when your order is $75 or more, Starwest Botanicals is ready to provide you with the quality herbs you need.