Bulk Dried Herbs for Sale - A wide selection of dried herbs produced with a high commitment to quality.

Bulk Dried Herbs for Sale

Find bulk dried herbs for sale at Starwest Botanicals. In business for over 30 years, Starwest Botanicals is a top provider of herbs and spices, including a wide selection of organic products used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Purchasing bulk dried herbs for sale at Starwest Botanicals is an economical way to stock up on the herbs you love, and with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service you are sure to find the highest-quality herbs you need with ease.

We offer approximately 300 different bulk dried herbs for sale. You can obtain bulk quantities of one pound and greater of many different herbs, such as flax seed. Flax seed contains omega-3 fatty acids and is available in ground or whole form, and can be added to foods such as oatmeal to give a nutritional boost.

Ginseng is a popular herb that we offer in bulk in powder, leaf powder, and leaves cut and sifted for uniformity of size. Ginseng is added to drinks and soups, and is also used in cosmetic preparations.

Starwest Botanicals offers a long listing of organic bulk dried herbs for sale as well. One wonderful organic herb is hibiscus flowers. These beautiful flowers, when dried and properly prepared, can be used to make teas and jams. Our hibiscus flowers come in powder as well as cut and sifted forms.

Peppermint leaf is used for making the popular herbal tea. You can also use peppermint to flavor foods such as ice cream, and the familiar scent is adapted to use in soap making and certain shampoos. Our quality peppermint is grown in the United States.

Angelica root has been used for hundreds of years to flavor drinks, but it also makes a flavorful accent in egg and fish dishes, as well as in jams. We offer organic angelica root in a cut and sifted form.

Epazote herb is well-known to chefs who cook Mexican cuisines, because when added to beans, it tastes great. Epazote is also sometimes used in soups, tamales, chilaquiles, enchiladas, and other Mexican culinary favorites.

Starwest Botanicals' bulk dried herbs for sale are produced with a high commitment to quality. Our staff of herbal experts scours the world in search of the finest quality herbs, which we prepare ourselves in our own warehouse and production facilities, in order to ensure that any herb you purchase from us meets with our uncompromising quality control.