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Bulk Herbs

Bulk herbs are part of the over 3,000 natural products that Starwest Botanicals makes available to the public and to wholesale purchasers. In business since 1975, Starwest Botanicals, located in Rancho Cordova, California or online at www.starwest-botanicals.com, brings together the highest quality bulk herbs for the discerning herb buyer. We are committed to providing herb fanciers with excellent herbs, including many that are organic, which are raised sustainably from herb producers from around the world and here at home. Not only do we stock common herbs, but also some of the more unusual bulk herbs used in a wide variety of applications.

We supply herbal shoppers with a precisely cut and sifted organic Elecampane root. This plant, with bright yellow flowers looking like small sunflowers or large asters when in bloom, is often found in Great Britain, but is also fairly common in Asia and Europe as well. In certain European countries, the root of Elecampane is used to make absinthe, an anise-flavored liqueur.

We have herbal producers in the United States that provide us with the raw Yerba Santa Leaf, which we process and mill to bring to you a cut and sifted version.

Our huge selection of bulk herbs also includes Nopal Cactus powder. Nopal is more commonly known as a prickly pear, and hails from Mexico. A good source of soluble fiber, Nopal Cactus also contains many vitamins and minerals.

Our Dong Quai root comes to us from suppliers in China. Dong Quai, also known as Angelica sinensis, has been used in different Asian medicine traditions for a variety of complaints. Dong Quai, which we offer in several forms, including powder, sliced root, as well as cut and sifted, is also an excellent source of Vitamin B12.

The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is where Muira Puama is grown and harvested. Our kosher, cut and sifted Muira Puama has been used in traditional medicine in South America as a stimulant.

When we think of marshmallows, we often think of the puffy white confections, and Althaea officinalis is commonly known as the Marshmallow plant. The root of this plant is used to make the sweet candy treat. We bring you a cut and sifted form of the leaves of the plant that originates in Bulgaria.

Let Starwest Botanicals be your one-stop source for every manner of bulk herbs you require, no matter how common or unusual. Our goal is to bring you the best quality herbs at excellent prices. We can verify the excellence of our herbs based on our stringent processing and milling procedures that we perform onsite, as well as extensive laboratory testing for every herb we sell.