Bulk Herbs and Spices - Imported and Milled to Ensure Quality

Bulk Herbs
Bulk Herbs and Spices

Superior quality bulk herbs and spices are a wonderful way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The large selection of bulk herbs that Starwest Botanicals offers is perfect for a countless number of your favorite culinary dishes, a wide array of herbal formulas, nutritional supplements and even home spa treatments or soap-making projects. Whatever type of bulk herbs you need, you’re bound to find them here on our website – and we guarantee their quality 100%. If you are ever unhappy with your order, just let us know and we will send you a replacement or refund your entire purchase price.

Our bulk herbs are hand-selected and sourced from the best growers around the world, making them superior in quality to almost any other herbs on the market today. Since we started as a small retail shop in 1975, we have always focused our efforts on selling the highest-quality bulk herbs for a fair price. That dedication and commitment has brought us many loyal customers over the years, and today we are one of the largest suppliers of organic bulk herbs in the United States. With over 600 different herbal products to choose from, we can help you create your own bulk herb pharmacy, therapeutic mixtures to cure your ailments and even make your own cosmetics.

In addition to the popular bulk herbs we sell, you will also find a variety of bulk teas, essential oils, aromatherapy products, herbal extracts, natural body care products, herbal capsules, Trinity products, reference materials and pocket guides, and accessories like culinary bags and capsule machines that you can order through our site. Many of our products are also certified as organic, including our organic bulk herbs, bulk spices and seasonings, bulk teas, essential oils and organic sprouting seeds.

We offer bulk herbs and organic spices to both retail customers and wholesale customers. If you would like to buy our bulk herbs wholesale, you can visit our Wholesale Customer Application page to view all of the requirements and fill out our online application. To be eligible, you must be in a business that uses the products to service the public and provide us with a business license or resale number.

If you have any questions regarding the bulk herbs we offer or any products on our website, please feel free to visit the helpful FAQs located throughout the site or call us toll-free at 1.800.800.4372. We would be happy to assist you any way we can.