Bulk Herbs Suppliers- skilled and experienced bulk herbs suppliers from around the world.

Bulk Herbs

At Starwest Botanicals, our bulk herbs suppliers play a crucial role in our full company team, whose commitment to bringing you the highest quality herbs from around the world has not waned in over 30 years of business. Located in countries around the globe, our bulk herbs suppliers are skilled and experienced in producing the fine herbs that we make available to our valued customers.

Our bulk herbs suppliers in India provide us with wonderful organic ashwagandha root, which we cut and sift to our exacting specifications. This root, which comes from the same plant family as the tomato, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its diuretic and aphrodisiac properties.

Suppliers in China bring the organic barley grass powder to us and can even be used as a flour in baked goods. Our cut and sifted organic blue flag root comes to us from United States suppliers.

The fine organic cacao nibs we offer come from suppliers in Brazil. Cacao beans are used in making chocolate. Organic cacao nibs taste nutty and bittersweet, and these organic cut and sifted nibs can be added to foods such as baked sweets, ice cream, and even savory dishes such as moles and chillis. You can purchase cacao nibs from us in bulk in one pound and great amounts.

Croatia is the country whose suppliers bring us top-quality organic calamus root, which we provide in a cut and sifted form. It is believed to have stimulant qualities, and in ancient times was thought to be an aphrodisiac. Bulk herbs suppliers in Egypt provide us with the bright yellow calendula flowers, which we produce in a powder form.

France is the primary supplier of our organic roasted chicory root granules. It is used as a coffee substitute or additive to bring out the flavor in coffee. It is also an ingredient in the Creole-style red-eye gravy prepared in the American South.

The country of Chile is home to our supply of organic eucalyptus leaf. It has a familiar aroma that many with associate with the aroma of cough drops, but is equally at home in sweet treats as well.

We rely on the world's best bulk herbs suppliers because we want to keep our satisfied customers happy. We offer over 3,000 different natural products for you to try, including our famous bulk herbs, spices and teas, many of which are organic. Our large selection and top qualify mean that you will find the herbs you want at Starwest Botanicals.