Bulk Organic Herbs - Bulk organic herbs can provide the quality and purity that you require.

Bulk Organic Herbs

Bulk organic herbs are always in stock at Starwest Botanicals, on the web at www.starwest-botanicals.com. There is a huge trend toward organic production of foods, and in our case, herbs. Many of our herbs come from organic producers, and our herb processing facilities are are certified organic. If you are an individual who cares about using quality products in the foods you make, or if you are a wholesale purchaser, bulk organic herbs can provide the quality and purity that you require.

In order for herbs to be classified as organic, they need to be grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers. So too, they need to deal with pests without resorting to spraying on synthetic pesticides. The land upon which the herbs are raised must have been free of chemicals for several years before subsequent plants grown on it can be labeled organic. The herb producer must keep organic herbs from coming into contact with non-organic substances, and the producer must keep written records and undergo inspections of the property and produce at regular intervals. The certification process varies from country to country, but most of these basic guidelines apply to them all. Our herbs have Quality Assurance International certification and are grown following the stringent guidelines as set forth by the National Organic Program.

Starwest Botanicals carries a long line of popular bulk organic herbs from which you can choose your favorites. You might select from peony root; periwinkle herb; psyllium seed; and hawthorn berries, leaves or flowers.

We often think of the beautiful peony flowers that bloom in late spring, but the root of the peony also has useful benefits. We offer organic Paeonia lactiflora, or the Chinese peony. It is recognized in traditional medicine for a variety of benefits

Periwinkle is the name of a shade of blue, and also the name of a flower. Our precisely cut and sifted organic periwinkle herb comes to us from producers in Hungary.

Organic psyllium seed, which we offer at Starwest Botanicals, can be used to increase the amount of solid material one has in the gut.

We also bring to you the organic berries, flowers, and leaves of the Hawthorn plant. This plant is native to Europe, and has beautiful white or light pink flowers. Hawthorn has been used in traditional medicine in a variety of complaints.

Starwest Botanicals offers one of the largest inventories of bulk organic herbs online. Experience the quality for yourself when you select organic herbs at Starwest-Botanicals.com