Bulk Wholesale Herbs- with no minimum order amounts required and no membership fees needed to qualify for deep wholesale discounts.

Bulk Herbs

Bulk wholesale herbs are available to businesses that resell our Starwest Botanical bulk herbs, use them as a manufacturing ingredient, or service the public with bulk herbs purchased from us. After applying for and activating your wholesale account, you may place wholesale orders online or over the telephone. Wholesale prices save business owners money, so it makes financial sense to buy bulk wholesale herbs at Starwest Botanicals.

Companies that utilize our wholesale bulk herbs do so because of the purchasing flexibility we offer. What this means is that after your first order there are no minimum order amounts required, nor are there any membership fees needed to qualify for our deep wholesale discounts.

For those whose businesses manufacture or distribute our bulk herbs, we can offer you some exceptional service options when you order 25 pounds or more per herb. These include milling, blending and packaging designed to your business's specifications. Additional discounts are also offered for volume herb purchases.

Buying in bulk can also save on shipping. If your bulk herbs will be sent anywhere in the lower 48 states, you will receive free shipping if your order is for $250 or more. We can also ship your order the same day we receive it if it reaches us by noon Pacific time Monday through Friday.

We seek out the world's finest herbs, including a long line of organic herbs, and then process them using the highest industry standards and intensive quality control, including laboratory testing and outside auditing. We go to these measures so that our customers will be completely satisfied with the bulk herbs that they purchase from us.

Basil is a popular bulk herb that Starwest Botanicals offers. Featured in Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, basil adds a touch of flavor to savory tomato sauces.

Another tasty herb we can supply to you is bilberry. Bilberries are similar in appearance to blueberries. They can be used in jams, pies, and crepes, and the flavor is sometimes found in sorbets and liqueurs.

Marjoram leaf is another aromatic bulk herb from Starwest Botanicals. Marjoram is often used in marinara sauces and as a flavoring in savory recipes from the Mediterranean.

Spearmint leaf provides the familiar fragrance we often associate with toothpaste and mouthwash. The Cuban cocktail called mojito features spearmint, and spearmint is also sometimes found in soaps and shampoos.

Starwest Botanicals is also a proud purveyor of the bulk herb vervain. Vervain can be used as an herbal tea, and it is a predominant flavoring in the liqueur called Verveine.

Many businesses purchase bulk wholesale herbs from us because of our large selection of over 3,000 natural products, including many organics. With over thirty years of experience in the herbal industry, Starwest Botanicals has built our business on providing you with the highest quality verifiable bulk herbs at the best prices with outstanding customer service.