Buy Organic Bulk Herbs - organic bulk herbs can be used in many different applications, including culinary, medicinal, and cosmetics.

Bulk Organic Herbs

When you buy organic bulk herbs from Starwest Botanicals, at, you know that you are receiving the best herbs procured and produced to the highest standards of quality. Our organic bulk herbs are used in many different applications, including culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic. Once you have smelled the full-bodied aroma of our organic herbs, you will never settle for anything less. Individuals and wholesale markets choose to buy organic bulk herbs from bulk herbs supplier Starwest Botanicals because of the wide selection and quality of herbs offered.

Many of our herbs have multiple uses. Some, such as lavender, chamomile, rosemary, rosehips, peppermint, lemon grass, sage, bay leaf and cloves, you might be more familiar with in cooking, but when properly combined form a delightful herbal bath mix, for one example.

Our herb buyers are botanical experts that scour the globe in search of the finest herbs. Our cut and sifted organic agrimony herb comes from Bulgaria, and is known for its astringent and diuretic qualities. Bulk herbs, including agrimony, are available in one pound or greater sizes.

Albania is the source country for our organic pennyroyal herb. The oil from this herb is commonly used in aromatherapy applications.

We have enjoyed the flavor of cooked plantains, a banana-like fruit that is often served savory rather than sweet. The leaf of the plantain is also useful. Our organic cut plantain leaf comes from Croatia.

Red raspberries are a summertime favorite, but did you know that the leaves can be made into a tea with therapeutic qualities? The organic red raspberry leaf we gather from suppliers in Croatia is said to be a stimulant.

Sunny Chile is where Starwest Botanicals goes to buy some of their selection of organic bulk herbs, including red clover blossom. A favorite of honeybees in the garden, people use red clover blossom on a variety of skin complaints.

The organic beet root powder we offer comes from the United States. In early times it was thought to have aphrodisiac qualities; today we know that it contains a goodly amount of boron.

When you buy organic bulk herbs from the bulk herbs supplier known for quality, selection and environmental policies, you are assured that your herbs will come with their quality verified through our exhaustive quality control processes, lab analysis, and independent auditing. Satisfied customers have been returning for 30-plus years because we offer a wide selection of exceptional herbs at the best prices. Come see for yourself at