Herbs and Spices Bulk Prices - For volume orders of herbs and spices, bulk prices can be a cost-effective way to stock up on the natural items you love.

Bulk Herbs

When purchasing herbs and spices, bulk prices are for what you will want to search. If you are purchasing herbs and spices in volume, you can save when bulk prices are offered. Starwest Botanicals, a long-time purveyor of fine herbs and spices, offers bulk prices on the quality herbal products we provide wholesale and to the public at www.starwest-botanicals.com. For volume orders of herbs and spices, bulk prices can be a cost-effective way to stock up on the natural items you love.

Spices add distinctive flavor to everything you cook. We bring a large assortment of spices, many of which are organic, from around the world and make them available at our website. Salt-free spice blends are a boon to those who must control their sodium intake, and we offer these as well.

Allspice is a well-loved spice that is used in several different foods. A familiar flavor in autumnal treats such as pumpkin pie, allspice is also often the spice of choice in cakes, cookies, tea mixes, and pickling spice.

Anise seed provides the wonderful licorice flavor that we have enjoyed since childhood. It can be found in sweet dishes such as breads and cakes, or in savory dishes like Indian and Middle Eastern soups and stews. Some liqueurs, such as the Greek Ouzo, are also flavored with this potent aromatic spice in its oil form.

Depending on the cuisine you favor, you might find cardamon in curry blends, bread, or as a flavor additive for coffee. We offer our cardamon as whole organic pods and green whole pods.

Cayenne powder provides a wonderful hot spicy flavor in many dishes. Oven-roasted potato fries are improved when sprinkled with cayenne powder. A pinch of cayenne is also a wonderful seasoning when you are making croutons with good country bread.

Our organic whole sesame seeds come from Mexico. Sesame seeds can be sprinkled upon an egg wash that is applied to bread dough before baking. Sesame seeds can also be ground, releasing their oils, resulting in a spread called tahini.

Ginger is a popular spice that Starwest Botanicals offers in several forms, including organic crystallized chunks, a diced root, whole root, and powder. Ginger is an ingredient in many Asian dishes, and is also used in cookies and drinks as a flavoring.

Garlic is another spice that would be sorely missed were it not available in the kitchen. Used in garlic bread, salad dressings and marinades, garlic is a spice used in many different cuisines.

After you peruse our herbs and spices, bulk prices are listed for each. In addition to all of the herbs and spices you love, Starwest Botanicals is also proud to bring you a long line of bulk teas, essential oils, aromatherapy products, herbal extracts, natural body care products, herb capsules and many other herbal products for your enjoyment.